Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Desire Diversity (WWC)

Hi there. I am always a day late and a dollar short it seems. These days maybe two or three dollars short, but I digress. I am late for this week's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge), but I am doing my best this week.

This week's words were "Diversity" and "Desire", & still provided by the by NOW Very Married, Tink (of Pickled Beef). We're all very happy for you Tink! Since she is away doing those things that Honeymooners are prone to doing (at least for a while), she has left a very worthy "Grand Poobah" in charge. Our leader for this next week is that suave, debonair, rowdy and raunchy Viking that we all know and love, Jay of Cynical Bastard. He has presented us with NEXT week's words, "Public" and "Private" (which are still apt to cause a stir eh?).

Ok, ok... I'll get to my entries for this week since it sounds like I am beating around the bush... I promise I'm not. Here you go... My Slideshow. Voila!

Let's see, what else? What else?

How bout a few fun links for today? I just googled around, so don't judge the site they came from, I just copied the interesting ones I saw. Have fun with:

Are You Rude? (quiz) (Oprah's article on Rudness)

Do You Have A Work Spouse?

Politics (which I was gonna avoid, but this is interesting):
Palin says she'd be honored to help Obama Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN today that she would be honored to help President-elect Barack Obama in his new administration if asked, even if he did once hang around with an "unrepentant domestic terrorist." >full story

And finally, my husband e-mailed me earlier today with a funny little blurb. However, you should know a little about "World of Warcraft", you can click on the link if you'd like. WoW is an online video game similar to "Everquest", in which some players get quit addicted (so-they-say). You don't necessarily have to play these games to get a giggle out of it, but it probably helps... just understand that in games such as WoW, you play an online character who can take on various skills and careers, and you have to train them to increase their talents, etc... that being said, here's the blurb sent to me by my husband.

"On there was a woman pleading for help because her husband was addicted to WOW. One of the first comments was "Obviously she needs to stop talking and max out her cooking skill". My face is hurting right now."

It was funny, I couldn't help but laugh too. Sometimes when surfing around the web, looking at videos, blogs or so forth, the comments can be the funniest part.

Hope you all have a great Hump Day...


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Great post. I am not rude and love your diversity slideshow.

Seems I may have a work spouse but it is OK because I do not have a real spouse.

Happy Hump Day

Jay said...

I'm not rude. Most of time anyway.

I don't have a spouse. Or a work spouse. Or a blog spouse even.

I'm lonely. LOL ;-)

Furtheron said...

Seems I have a work spouse I think....

g-man said...

Nicely done as usual. I am groovin on the fall colors.

I agree with you on the words for next week, I'm sure there will be cheerleaders and boobies in there somewhere. :)

kcinnova said...

Since I tend to work alone, I guess a work spouse is impossible. I'm safely with the majority on Oprah's quiz, but it only told me that I was with the majority. Does this mean the majority rules? ;)

Good job on the pics! I'll try and double up for next week, since I have obviously botched my attempt for this week.