Monday, October 06, 2008

What's In A Name?

Do you remember the last time you just sat around thinking up perverse names? You know, like "Peter Hertz", and "Mike Hunt", and "Anita Dick", etc?? Well I was innocently surfing the web for something altogether different, and found one that I hadn't really noticed before.

It was (wait for it)...

{{Drum Roll Please}}

"Dick Tucker"

Bwwwahahahahah!!! Dick Tucker! What else is HE hiding?? ;)

I mean, just think about how much some of these names might have scarred, or screwed up people so attached to them... The possibilities are infinite! So anyway, this got me curious about other Funky names, and I ran across a site that really listed tons of them, and invited other people to share some of the ones they had run across. The website is: Funny Names. Just in case you get bored or something, or feel curious.

I will share a few favorites here... First off, my sister and I laugh about the Doctor's names, as she once went to a proctologist called "Dr. Gettlefinger", on her birthday nonetheless!

Here are a few of the doctors:
Dr. Harry C. Beaver (real OB/GYN, retired now)
Dr. Bender (Chiropracter)
Dr. Butcher
Dr. DeKay, DDS
Dr. & Dr. Doctor (real married doctors from Norwalk, CT)
Dr. E. Ville
Dr. Gass (allegedly a real anesthesiologist)
Dr. Gutstein
Dr. Hanus
Dr. Hurt (real pediatrician in Saginaw, MI)
Dr. Hymen
Dr. I. Ball (optometrist)
Dr. Kauff
Dr. Look (real opthalmologist in Hawaii)
Dr. Looney - a psychiatrist of course!
Dr. Payne (plastic surgeon in Sandusky, OH)
Dr. Pullham
Dr. Slaughter
Dr. Surgeon (another real doctor from Stamford, CT)

All in all there are so many names out there that are just plain "WRONG"... it's living proof that a huge percentage of parents are either naive, stupid or just THAT SADISTIC. ;)

Tune in tomorrow, which is once again Tuesday, and time for Weekly Words Challenge (with Tink!) This week's words are "Distorted" and "Clear".

Don't miss a minute of the thrills around here!! :)

OMFG!!! The Ice Cream Man is driving past my house to the tune of "It's A Small World"... Be strong Jackie, be strong!!!


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

That is too funny.
I.M. Genius

BBC said...

I like to change songs around.

Jay said...

When I was in college there was a guy who owned a dive bar named Dick Pool. Except that when people said his name, it sounded like "Dick Pull."

Very funny to people like me who have the maturity level of a 13 year old.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Ole Blue! Hehe. Yes You Are! :)

BBC! I like doing that too, I always liked making Parodies of songs, etc.

Jay! Does that mean I have that same maturity level?? Hehe. Let's get together and make fun of people.

Kenski said...

We had a guy called Philip Mehl at school, only we would pronounce it...


Kids can be mean... of course this was 'uni' school, so we were, like, young adults :-)

Heff said...

One of my all time favorites - PETER GONZENIA.

g-man said...

At work we talk about that (and movie titles too) all the time. In reality we had a Dr. Bonebreak as a surgeon for my daughter.

Johnny Depth.

Kenski said...

One of my friends dated a guy called Fabio Argentina. It didn't last long...

Oh, and on the celeb front, did you know that Brad Pitt's brother is called Doug...


Anonymous said...

love odd names.
true story-i work for pediatric surgeons, our nurse went to call a patient from waiting room and almost choked when she read the next name to call. Childs name was Shithead. Nurse looked around the room, saw the only new patient at the time and asked this 8-year-old. "Honey, how do you pronounce your name?" Child answered. "She-thade". we had more fun with that kid's chart than a little blog identity.....its me Jinks.

Aunt Jackie said...

Great additions folks... thanks for sharing!!