Monday, October 20, 2008

Lunes es cagada!!!

Lawd-have-mercy it sho is Monday! :) As we all know, there just aren't any good Mondays. Unless, of course, you always have Monday off, or you don't buy into the farce of 'the existence of time', and don't worry with it. I would do that, but I bind myself to a job because I have some things and am unable to let go of the imprisonment of my earthly greed and obsession with material things... I'm not the worst in the world mind you, but I do have some things I don't want to part with, my home (even though it's humble), my motorcycle, and some electronic gadgets.

Anyroad, I had an overall o.k. weekend, Friday night we went to the Young Avenue Deli to chill with Rob and Meg. There was NOT a band playing that night, so there was no cover charge. We just snacked and visited for a while. Saturday was not a productive day at all, mostly lazy I guess. I rather enjoyed sleeping in, I slept wayyy late, and then just vegetated a lot it seems. Yesterday (Sunday, Domingo en Espanol?), Got a good bit of motorcycle riding in. We went to the Walmart of another town to look for a George Foreman grill (a smaller one), and then to Lowe's in search of some "tie downs" suitable for Richie's bike. I took the liberty of riding more after we got Richie back home... seemed he was in need of a nap. He thinks maybe it was the flu shot that he got on Friday, making him overly sleepy and lifeless. He didn't get "ill" or anything, so I guess he's alright now. I did monitor him just in case he was having some sort of reaction to the shot.

Speaking of which, I wonder if I should get a flu shot myself... I need to make my appointment for a bunch of junk anyway, I have been putting that off. It's irritating, I don't like doctors... But as a woman there are things we just have to do.

So tune in tomorrow for the Weekly Words Challenge with the Lovely Tink!!!, where the words "Plain" and "Adorned" will be illustrated by all WWC participants through their creative and enigmatic photography skills. Looking forward to ATTEMPTING that, I'm not sure how well I'll do this week.

See you in the funnies... AJ


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Never had a flu shot and never get the flu.I do get the hangover sometime. ;-)

Cynnie said...

never had the flu shot and never had the flu either ..
but now i cant stop bragging about my fabulous health .
fucking shingles :(

I'm so glad you're still blogging