Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tickle Fights

I'm just running out of titles again, but it brings about a good topic I guess... "Tickle Fights". Do you have them? Do you like them?? Does anybody really win in a tickle fight? Ok, talk amongst yourselves and discuss. :)

Today the weather is lovely here along the muddy Mississippi. It was quite cool this morning, and the temps have been mild enough all day. After lunch, I dearly wanted a nap somewhere out in a big field on one of my mom's quilts maybe, out with my notepad by my side where I could jot any ideas down I had while relaxing under the vast blue sky... I used to do that a lot. Gonna have to on my next visit to Mom's.

This morning, I slept late so I haven't gone for my cardio yet today, I feel bad when I don't go, I mean, it's funny not like I feel "guilty", I just don't feel as good physically when I don't start my day with some cardio. Can we say I might be actually enjoying it?? Hmmm, shudder to think.

Well I found this video of a funny African Grey Parrot who apparently has just as bad a language problem as yours truly... Hope you like it. It was entitled X-rated Ruby!

More to the continuing excellent adventures of AJ tomorrow 'spose... If I don't die of boredom.


Kenski said...

I'm a bit of a pacifist when it comes to interpersonal contact, so rather than engage in 'fights' I'm often subjected to unilateral offensives. Usually I have a cup of coffee or tea in my hands which goes flying.

It's just turned cold in London, and the air crisp today, with blue skies. This is the part of autumn that I love in the city. You get the renewed optimism and creativity that comes from the changing season but you don't have to deal with the terrible weather... yet...

This'd be great weather for holing up in a coffee shop, reading a book or writing lyrics.

Oh, and tell me about the gym thing. Most of the time you feel great and tight and like you're really starting to get somewhere with training then bam, you miss a day and you're back to being a blob! Someone should invent a 2 minute fixer-upper exercise that you can do to keep things hoisted up when you have to skip.

Jay said...

It was down right chilly this morning here. We actually had some spots of frost on the ground!