Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Normal Day

Yesterday, I arrived home and I trusted my husband to actually give me a Vitamin B-12 shot. I'm not afraid of needles, just didn't really trust at first if he was able to do it, but he succeeded. Here I am, still alive.

Let The Music Play
Band practice went o.k. last night. Our bass player has still been having "issues", just various things preventing him from being able to function on a normal basis. So he was out again. Richie, Rob and I went on and worked through some new material, as well as a song that we began a few weeks back. I guess we made some progress, I don't know. I had lost the lyrics to one song, so I had to go and listen to the practice recording of it and try to write the lyrics back down. I made it through most of them, but there were a couple places I couldn't hear the vocal and couldn't get the words. I know, I wrote them, and you'd think they would just "come to me", but sometimes you lose words, and if it's not recorded or you don't have it written for reference, POOF!! They're gone. I still think I'll find my original sheet.

These Dreams
Oh yeah, just briefly I must mention my dreams last night. They weren't terribly outlandish, but odd. I somehow ended up with my best friend doing these jobs, kind of jobs that you bid on, and it was in addition to my regular job. Guess I was moonlighting. Who could blame me in this day and age huh. Well anyway, my friend and I were supposed to go to this job on Saturday, and then we had to spend the night in this place. Everyone was fighting for a "Cot". So I was trying to bribe this el-strangeo to let me have the one bed for the night. One of Richie's friends were there too, and I had accidentally taken the gig he wanted to bid for. Not sure what it all led up to, we never went to the job.

I was then transported then to a weird building, where I can't remember much detail... all of it went fuzzy. The only other thing I remember was a visit from "Z" happened before the night was over. In it, there was a lady sitting with us, it seems like we were all three in some back seat of a car, and we were talking. At one point, we were pouring cinnamon powder into each other's hands, I called myself slyly getting him to pour the cinnamon into the palm of my hand just so we could touch hands. I rubbed the palm of his hand gently, and looked up at him. He was smiling.

It was as if we were having to act a certain way and not get too affectionate with one another. It seemed to be present day, only not the same circumstances of my current life. Not sure how to explain that. At one point he said to me, "You know who my favorite girl is, don't you??" I smiled, and knew he meant me, but instead, I said coyly, "Yes, I know who your favorite girl is, it's J.J." (I meant his daughter, even though that is not his daughter's name, so that was odd). We didn't even kiss in the dream, or do anything romantic really, but I still woke up refreshed from being in his presence.

On a very serious note, I had a horrible misunderstanding and altercation with some people today with some people all over an accidental 'reply all' to a forward that was sent about a CNN Virus Hoax. The whole thing was a misunderstanding, but I was cussed out severely and called a psycho over something that got way out of hand and that I was completely confused about. I don't want to go into any more detail now that I know who it was and actually what happened. But I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone involved because of what happened. I apologize, while still being severely hurt and confused about being so severely cussed out over the entire thing. I didn't do anything on purpose. It was all an accidental reply all just trying to clear up the hoax e-mail.

Anyone who knows me personally will testify to the fact that I am a silly, cool person to be around and in no way would ever hurt anyone intentionally. I have a big heart... Of course they would also agree that I am quite overly sensitive about some things, yes. But I can only try to improve those things about myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a very sweet person and I try hard to keep my friends uplifted and be helpful when I can. "Jinks" for one will attest to that, and many more if needed.

Therefore, I make a very good point about forwarding these annoying 'HOAX' e-mails. If you are in doubt about whether they are a hoax or not, DO NOT SEND THEM. Especially do not send them to me... I'm politely requesting to be removed from lists of "WARNING" forwards, and anything that has some "consequence" attached to it. I will do you the same favor and not forward anything similar to you... I will only send you positive things, or maybe cute jokes that might uplift your day (That is unless YOU POLITELY REQUEST me NOT TO). Do we have an understanding??

Because as you see, a simple forward hoax e-mail someone thought they were sending to be helpful caused a bigger issue, and caused altercations that ended up pissing me off, and getting my feelings crushed. All of it could've been avoided by a QUICK CHECK on SNOPES.COM or something like that. Usually, when an e-mail boasts that THIS IS TRUE AND HAS BEEN CHECKED ON SNOPES, it is even MORE apt to be a fucking hoax. So when in doubt, please just hit the DELETE button. It will save us all a little trouble.

Thank you guys, and have a peaceful day... I sure hope to.


g-man said...

Hey girly. I forget words (usually names) all the time.

Bummer on the e-mail. It is funny to see someone use "reply all" to chastise someone who used "reply all" inappropriately, then all the other ones who do the same thing to the second guy. Talk about funny.

Glad you had a nice dream.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've done that, too. Now I just delete, instead of trying to set the world straight.