Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stuck In The Middle With You

Alright so I never got to finish up my WWC for this week, o.k. I feel bad about it, but I'm way behind and I am just going to have to try for next week. At least I did offer up my husband as some comic relief. :)

This is Wednesday. It's the day that I thought was yesterday when yesterday was the day before, making yesterday's yesterday only Monday when I thought it was the day after... Make sense?? Well nothing else does today, so glad you could join me. Since it is "Hump Day", maybe a little good clean fun is in order. Watch The Video, it is the Sticky Note Experiments. It is fun-looking, and the colors are cool, but honestly (hate to be a stick in the mud, but...) what about all of this paper?? is it just being wasted? Did they use the sticky notes and then maybe even recycle rather than waste or discard them? O.k., I know I should be enjoying the display only, so go ahead and enjoy... Here's The Link Again. Enjoy!

In other news, last night was Band Practice. We worked on a new song, my husband wrote the music for this, and I got working on some lyrics for it. The lyrics are actually kind of written with my best friend in mind. I still have alot of work to do, and have to write in a second verse yet. So nobody gets a look at the song just yet. I don't know if she would like the song or not, but at least I know she would be honored that I thought of her, basically writing a song for her... I will reveal it sometime, in due time that is. It's still very delicate right now... and unfinished.

I've felt so extremely bored and hum-drum lately. I'm tired of feeling this way, it's like my productivity is low, my daydreaming is a little too high. I can't seem to clear my head, I feel restless, and kind of down in the dumps about literally "nothing". Nothing really worth mentioning anyway. I hope it lifts soon, but I don't know what to do about it really. Therefore, I can't come up with anything I deem very interesting to blog about. I'd love to put up a story or something, but I can't scrape up the energy. Feel free to send me some energetic vibes, and some positive reinforcement all ye healers and energy workers.

Have A Nice Day!

anybody else basically hate Gary Busey?

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freakazojd said...

Don't worry about the funny head space too much. I was there for a LOOONG time. Sometimes it's just a place you're in for a bit, you know?
I loved the video - I'm sure they can still use the post-it notes - and was particularly enamoured of the short ties. Very funny. :)