Thursday, October 30, 2008

E-mail Etiquette: Before YOU Forward!

In Lieu of my painful misunderstanding, the latest "Fiasco", please remember not to send me forwards anymore if at all possible. If you simply MUST include me in your next e-mail forward, or anyone else for that matter, then please read this article.

Learn How To Protect Privacy Of Those In Your E-mails.

Mistakes can easily happen. An accidental "Reply All" when attempting to be helpful can land you in hot water with someone very quickly... as it did with me. By hiding the e-mails in the B.C.C. field, nobody else can see them, much less "reply all" and create a bad situation.

It is the responsibility of someone upon forwarding an e-mail to keep their intended recipients private. Being "in the know" helps. So please read the article above, and be informed so you don't get into some real trouble like I did.

Mistakes do happen, and everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves... really. So if you guys happen to read this, please know that I am sorry again for the crazy misunderstanding, and I meant no harm. Even I didn't cuss anybody out, while I got cussed out and called some really bad names over a mistake.


Jay said...

I never forward emails. Never.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's crazy. I only VERY RARELY will forward something, and I always BCC unless I'm sending it to my mom/mom-in-law or something. I'm sorry your situation got so crazy - it's a shame people can't offer the benefit of the doubt from the outset. I could see if this continually happened or something, but geesh.
Anyway, I'm still here, I was trying to tell you that in previous comments - I'm at wordpress now. Click on my name here in the comments and it should take you over to my new blog home. Hope to see you there! :)
Freakazojd (formerly of freakypalace.blogspot)

Aunt Jackie said...

Good man Jay! I knew you Rocked. I don't think I am going to be forwarding or replying to anymore forwards... ever. This has burned me pretty bad. Two people who I really thought were nice have cussed me out and not even given me the benefit of the doubt, when it was honestly a total mistake, and I didn't even know the people were on the list. The original party who forwarded the e-mail did NOT use 'BCC', just left the e-mails of their loved ones hanging out there, and it could happen to anyone.

Freakazojd! Thanks, I'm glad you are still gonna be around. Sorry for not catching that, I'll change out your linky!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

We had someone who sent a racist joke about Obama to companyname.all yesterday.

He no longer has a job.

David said...

I completely agree with your post. Email forwards from my mom and sister annoyed me EVERY day.

So earlier this year, I decided to do something about it and with the help of some close investor friends created

The website was just opened up for public last week. It's a way to prevent viruses, reduce bandwidth usage and help go-green and charities with email forwards.

I hope this will turn email forwards in to something positive.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

I am guilty, I never knew what bbc meant or what it was for...

So sorry...

Furtheron said...

I've learnt to avoid doing this kind of thing.

Some email programmes allow you to customise the buttons so you can remove reply all and forward from your default toolbar.

I've done that - at least if I do it now it makes me go to the menu to find them - that way I have to think about it not do it by accident or carelessly.

Anonymous said...

I hate forwards and never ,ever open them, I always delete. They get on my nerves.

Tink said...

I don't know the details of what happened, but it sounds harmless enough (in the big scheme of things). Accidents happen. I forgive you FOR them. ;)

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, I got burned (royally chewed out) for using "reply all" on some school information that everyone was freaking out over (splitting the elementary school up, sending older kids to separate school because of overpopuation). All I thought I did was give the official district website and said that was a reliable place to get further information. However, the original e-mail quoted the newspaper and her feelings were hurt; she thought I was saying that her information was bogus and mine was best. And, since I had hit "reply all" it went to her husband and MIL, along with the other 3 moms. The original writer was so incredibly PO'd at me; I had to grovel and eat dirt like crazy.
Now, I only use "reply all" when it is a group e-mail discussion and specifically requested.

BBC said...

I don't normally forward emails but sometimes I do. I think that some folks just too uptight about all the privacy crap.

I use Outlook Express to send emails to friends like you, and some of them are BCC emails.

And I can see if mails that you send me are BBC'd

The thing about Outlook Express is that if I want to I can open the email, click on File, Properties, and then the details tab and see who all you sent the email too.

Not that I care who your fucking friends are, ha ha ha.