Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I meant to do this at the beginning of the month, but with so much going on, and my fragile scatterbrained condition, I let it slip my mind. October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". So squeeze boobs and save lives. Ladies, DO THIS SELF-EXAM, and if you have someone who cares, have them do it. I'm sure they won't mind. Make it fun AND life-saving... why not.

So In remembrance of all those lives and families who have been touched by this terrible disease, I want to offer my condolences, and also Hope and Love at this time. I've had family members with various types of cancer, so not just breast cancer, but everyone affected by this altogether... There is always hope, and people to be there for you when the going gets rough.

Today has been another busy day of course, but I just had a moment to stop and ponder, and update you all. This week's Fitness hit a snag just because I had some back problems earlier in the week. I gave my back a rest although I still got in cardio when I was able to, but I plan on just keeping on and moving forward.

No matter what, we have got to always remember to Take Life One Day At A Time, and forgive ourselves every once in a while. Also, while I know it is hard not to go completely "Gung Ho" and overdo ourselves sometimes, we could do ourselves a favor, and just listen to our bodies, and give it a much-deserved treat here and there. After all, what's life without occasional (or more than occasional hehe) Decadence?

Peace everyone... and Happy Mid-week.


Furtheron said...

So I've just walked down the corridor here at work with the "Squeeze boobs and save lives" motto in my head... Think I might be in trouble with a few ladies.... :-)

Joking aside - I have a friend who had a scare on this front recently but prompt action by her has ended in a good result so I support the campaign whole heartedly. Actually let's not forget some men can get this condition as well so guys start checking those Moobs.

g-man said...

I can totally relate to not having any time. I too meant to do a Breast Cancer Awareness Month post earlier this month too. I settled for yesterday. :/

I think I might find motivation in posting updates to my fitness goals. I figure if I can remember to post about it then I can remember to actually do it.

You are so right, what is life without the occasional treat? I do believe that is the point of life to find and capitalize on the treats no matter where you are in life.

Jay said...

I'm available to assist you with your self-examination Jaxxx.

What? ;-)