Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are We Ready?

Yeah, looks like I got lazy and took another break, but it truly was still quite a busy work week for me, there have been so many issues and deadlines I've been worrying over. Not that many people are missing me, I only have a handful of regulars sometimes, and not nearly as many comments as the rest it seems, or as I would like. But I guess I have to religiously get around to comment on alot more blogs to gain them myself... Sometimes it's just hard, so I will try not to beg or complain. My blog's not that ground breaking, and it's honestly not for everyone, so I have learned from past experiences.

Tonight we gig... opening up for a band called "Virginia Grant", they know how to rock out. We will probably play for about an hour. I'm honestly not really that pumped up about the gig, and otherwise, I would feel like staying in the house and vegging out in front of some movies or something.

It's not the band, Virginia Grant dudes are cool, and they actually extended the invitation personally asking us to open up for them, so that rocks. I just am not feeling very vibrant or high energy... Honestly hope not too many show up--lol Isn't that horrible?? I don't know what's with me. Guess it's just time for a road trip to Hot Springs or something, I need a break from this City's face.

Sorry for being "pretty vacant" lately, but that's kinda how I've been so let's just deal with it and maybe send me some good vibes or some positive energy will ya?? :)

Well, I better finish up getting ready, gotta try my damndest do "doll up" for tonight, after all... the Sweaty Ballsack of Rock beckons... and when that happens, you just gotta heed the call.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Jackie ... do you have photos, or video from the band???

So cool! My week was LONG ... doing some jammi bloggin`

Relaxing, yahh. Just found today, best web radio I have come across.

Big hug, take care :-)

freakazojd said...

I've been sucking with the posting lately. I miss it though...going to try again, from a new home this time.
Glad to hear about your time at your parents' place, that sounds fantastic. Good to check in with you again, too. :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Hey speed... I generally try to avoid photos taken by other people. They show my fatness and hate them.

The videos, not really. Nobody has done anything for us like that, we will sometime in the future though.

Freakazojd! Glad to see you, and you never suck with the posting. Always glad when you do post though.

Always love being near Mom and Dad.