Thursday, October 16, 2008


Is it ridiculous that I occasionally check to see if I have made Blogs of Note? Has anyone else been guilty of this pointless search, or has anyone actually been "cool enough" to make it? Just curious.

I wanted to post today, something, just because I don't like to go so many days without putting at least a few thoughts in. I know it's not crucial, not everyone blogs on a daily basis, or should feel they have to, but I enjoy it and don't want it to slide. I can still say that after two (2) years, I still blog on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes daily, sometimes I skip a day, or two... But I still love putting my thoughts down, or just sharing some rants, or joys. I have made some very cool connections here.

Today has been a rainy one, which is actually kind of refreshing since it hasn't rained much in a few days. The air is cooler, it's kind of "Cozy" actually.

Now, I've been trying to work at this post a little off and on today as I had a chance, so It might seem scattered, but let's just roll with it I guess. My idea was to share a few of the bullets from my current "hate list". Here goes:

#1: People who make one audibly-louder "stomp together" of their feet when they have stopped walking.

#2: When people sneak up behind me when I have my earphones in and my music blaring.

#3: When another driver breaks their neck to screech out in front of you in the road, and then wave politely in the rear view mirror like, "Oops! I'm so sorry!"

#4: The PRICE of like, EVERYTHING! (I know this one's a given)

#5: The fact that I make more money now than when I was younger, but HAVE LESS money.

#6: KNOWING that the reason we never have money is from our overspending (well, mainly my husband's, even though I try to keep him under control. I'm pretty frugal by myself, but he always guilt trips me when he wants to buy something).

#7: ME falling for his stupid guilt trips just so I can get some peace of mind.

#8: The little 'fits' HE throws for stupid things like if I don't have time to make his bacon and eggs in the morning. What a spoiled little brat. You have two hands and I work a full-time job just like you, so meet me half way Baby Huey.

(Ok I'm off the rants about him and his fits and guilt trips. I think men just like to make us crazy sometimes, just for their own entertainment).

#9: I can't stand it when too many things pile up on me at one time, then I can't think straight and I get totally behind.

#10: Ice Cream. O.k., I lied. I absolutely LOVE Ice Cream. Especially Ben and Jerry's (heart attack waiting to happen) or any Rocky Road or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

#11: I hate that I Love Ice Cream.

#12: My being an extreme procrastinator. It makes my life an unorganized living hell.

(o.k., that's pretty good, I actually ranted about myself there for once more than others. But hey, nothing gold can stay... I digress!)

#13: People's faces. Sometimes I look around me at everyone's faces and I just wanna reach out and give them all a black eye and a fat lip... that's right, I said it. All you annoying "other" people on the street, in the store, sitting in the damn booth next to me with your unruly kid, I got two fists with your name on them... along with some feet for your ass. HAHAHA!!! That felt great.

Thirteen is a good number to end my hate list. I want to make note of a couple things I don't hate.

#1: I really love the fact that I harbor such evil and heartless thoughts sometimes towards the human race... it's fun.

Wait, gotta finish more work before I leave. I'll work on this love list later.


Jay said...

There are a lot of times when I just want to punch people out in public too.

Rex Venom said...

I have this jar. Every time some Throw Back does something Really Not Smart, I put some change in it. Some days the jar gets a dine or two. Some days there are rivers of coins.
One day in the future, that jar will be filled.
Then I’ll use the change to buy bullets.
Then I will change the way things are.
Hee Hee
(hmmm. This is a post in the making…)
Rock on!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

We all need to vent and slap stupid people upside the head. Even ourselves when we are being stupid. Bravo.

What are blogs of note? Maybe I will go and see. Oh that is what it is. You know those sites tend to hate my blog. Review sites always slaughter me. I never pay attention to them now.