Monday, May 21, 2007

Southern Voices and Visions

My friend Faith, (a.k.a. Jinks), has asked if I might put this up to help a good friend of hers, David Tankersley.

He is a wonderful artist and in order to keep the website going he needs funding, which he collects through his art work, which can be viewed on it. So please take a look when you have time, and if you like any of his work, your support would be greatly appreciated!

To read an article by Faith Jackson (Jinks), and to check out the rest of David Tankersley's Southern Voices & Visions site, Go to:


1 comment:

JINKS said...

Thank you Aunt, how about sending in a hot passionate love story or a sweet southern memory to be posted on the site...? huh, what do you say?....purty please with suga on top.....