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Butterflies and Zebras and Moonbeams - Part III

It is suggested that Part I and Part II be read before reading the following, Part III. Read at your own risk. :)

"She's in Alabama for a teacher's conference for the weekend. I'm coming to pick you up. Baby is with my Mom, I have the whole night." His voice was deep and warm, and when he spoke to me I would forget the reality of our situation. Maybe I didn't want to realize it, maybe things were just too perfect and I couldn't give up this manically ecstatic feeling... it was what I had waited all my life to feel, I believed he was the one. I felt it in my soul.

"O.k., I can't wait to see you." I replied. Restlessly I waited, shivering in anticipation of getting the entire night to be with him. I would not waste any of this time sleeping. I was a night owl anyway, and had always been able to hang with the best of them.

"I'm in my brother's truck." he informs me.

"See you in a bit." There was a long pause, wherein smiles could be felt even out of sight.


He pulled up to my curve in a semi-loud, older black pick-up truck. I knew his younger brother, he worked out in the plant on the presses, and was always extremely nice. They shared the same bright smile. To this day I don't know if he knew, but all men, friends or brothers share 'the code'... By the code, I mean the 'vow of secrecy and protection' that won't allow one man to tell the women what's going on. They always have each other's backs.

I peered out the window and saw that he'd arrived. Last minute checks to see if everything was in order (forgetting anything? No-check.) So I walked out the door, locking it behind me. Then sprint anxiously to join him in the truck. We sit there for a moment, as he seems to be "memorizing" what I look like at that very instance. He smiles, grabs my hand and leans in giving me a feverish hello kiss.

He cranks up the truck and off we go.

"I thought we'd drive to Sardis Lake." said Z.

"Sounds good to me, I don't care where we go." I reply happily.

We hold hands the entire way there, heading down the interstate towards the exit for the lake. We took the north-most exit and headed to a part of the lake we were quite sure was deserted, one of the hidden points. I looked at his muscular thighs while he was driving, the shade of the trendy jeans he was wearing made them look even hotter to me. I stared at his hands, the one on the steering wheel and the one in mine as I sat shoulder-to-shoulder, as close as possible... he insisted. Meanwhile, the radio played on with some forgotten tune.

We found our ideal spot, it was late-evening and not another living soul seemed to be in sight. He stopped the truck, turned off the ignition leaving the key on so that we could continue listening to the radio. My breathing accelerated, my heart pumped at the speed of light and goosebumps marched the battlefields of my skin. Why was I so weak in his presence? Why did he affect me so strongly? I wasn't concerned with those questions at this point as I only knew the elation that I felt in his arms, and the fantasy I had in my head that came true every time our eyes met. He was definitely the one, and I was falling so far in love that my eyes were blinded to reality.

"Let's lie down on the seat." He requested. The truck had one long seat that went across the cab.


I lean back, relaxing against the passenger door. With an overpowering movement, he pulls me to exactly where he wants me, as he slides forward and rests warmly and perfectly over me. Doors are locked as the radio plays softly like some romantic movie from long ago.

"I don't want to crush you." he warns.

"You're not hurting me at all... I love feeling your weight on me." I assure him.

He lowers his lips to mine, melting my entire being. We kiss for some time, caressing each others' faces, skin, body. Nothing had ever fit together this perfectly, or felt as intense. We were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and came together as one amazing work of art. Every embrace, every kiss drove us both crazy, we were on a roller coaster and did not want it to stop.

Somehow, though, there was always something holding us back. Just as in that very first night, I asked a stupid question "Are you in a hurry?", which caused him to screech to a halt. Oftentimes, it was his own guilt tearing him apart, making him falter between the heavily developing feelings between us and the life he knew that he should be living. Tonight, he was right on track. His lips were moving over mine with such tender force, my hands were on his broad shoulders, his hair, pulling him as close as I could. Relaxed and swept away, he began to move further. I could tell he was in the right state of mind and that he could truly let go of any hesitation or inhibitions. But it was me this time that had to hit the breaks... "It's that time." I whispered softly but with such regret.

The look on his face said it all, he was disappointed and so was I but it did not change his level of passion.

"That's o.k., we can still be together all night." And with that, he continued, kissing me so strong, showing me how it was supposed to be. We made love that night, but not in the classical sense. We consumed each other, body mind and soul. This went on and on until the wee small hours. It was nearly morning, daylight was not that far away. Sometime during our evening together he had remarked "Man, I was really prepared and really ready tonight, I wanted you so bad, I do. The hours flew by, and it was getting way late and we both knew it.

He had to get back, as he was staying at his Mom's that night and his young daughter was there.

The ride back was as happy and relaxed as the ride to the lake. When we reached my apartment, he pulled up to the curve the opposite direction from when he picked me up, and we sat silently holding hands for a few final minutes before his dawn departure. He broke the silence, allowing some feelings to be known... feelings that I hadn't even allowed to be spoken myself.

"I feel like I'm falling in love."

I swallowed hard, not sure how to respond. I was overjoyed at this proclamation, yet afraid at the same time for the many possibilities that something like this would involve. There were too many complications to name, things I couldn't even think about right now. All I knew or wanted to know is that I felt the same way. I loved him, I had wanted and hoped so that he would feel the same way. We would worry about the conflicts and the complications of reality later.

"I feel the same... I don't think I would ever have been able to tell you this, if you hadn't said..."

He interrupts me, "No... no you don't understand, I'm feeling like we're boyfriend and girlfriend--like really falling in love... it's just not right."

"I know, I understand." I assure him, "I feel it too." I grab his hand trying to reassure him that everything is fine. He holds mine for a long minute... squeezing it.

"I gotta go... I want to go home and see my baby." He remarks in a worried tone.

"Alright. I had a great time." I smile at him, and venture in to simply hug him good night, even though it was technically morning already.

"Me too, I enjoyed you tonight." He forgets his woes for a few short seconds as he repossesses my mouth for a heated goodbye. Then he stammers, "I.. I- I Love you." The words raced across his lips so fast even he seemed startled by them... My heart once again picked up the pace.

"I Love you too Z."

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Damn Girl!,

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captain corky said...

This is great stuff Jackie. As I read it I am flooded with all sorts of emotions. I know how good and how bad this all feels.

Aunt Jackie said...

Glad everyone's enjoying this... Thank you Jinks. You've got my back... I know ;)

Corky, yes it is such a great mixture of good and bad emotions, hits like a freight train... Thanks for checking it out... It's a 100% true story.

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Okay. I'm definitely coming back to read part I and II before diving into this one. But I need to rid my headache first. ;)


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Another interesting chapter!

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Thanks Blondie! Hope you enjoy the read when you find the time... ;)

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