Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Me Protests He Doth Think Too Much!

I can count on my hand the number of times that I have won something in my life and it never ceases to shock me when I do... I just don't expect it, so it takes me by surprise (usually a good surprise). So yesterday, Rockdog bestowed upon me the honorable 'Thinking Blogger Award', as I proudly display there in my sidebar (just below vote and subscribe). Apparently, I flex his thought muscles... however, despite my titillating (although subtle at times) stories of debauchery and seduction, I merely manage to remind him of burnt biscuits. Gee thanks Rock! (I even threatened to tell the story of the time I gave a stripper on ecstasy a back massage... [to no avail] go figure) ;) So, If you'd like to read Rockdog's Thinking Blogger awards comments, click here.

Usually, when these awards are given, one must choose 5 other bloggers to pass the honor along to... I am struggling with this and if I am to participate in the 'tagging', I will need more time to make my decision... After all, every single one of you guys included in "Aunt Jackie's Picks" spur many wonderful thoughts and creative inspiration... so it's near impossible for me to choose just 5... I'll try.

So that Tuesday is not totally about my inability to inspire any naughtiness or temptation, I'll try give you at least some fun (as if buttering my biscuits yesterday wasn't enough?). I couldn't resist sharing this 'Word Verification' that I got just today... I'm sure there are a million ideas this could spur, so let me know what you think... What is:


captain corky said...

"(I even threatened to tell the story of the time I gave a stripper on ecstasy a back massage"...

Any suggestions for cleaning up excessive drool on a keyboard?

Barnze said...

The spromogy is a breed of cat i reckon,evil things that jump out of trees onto ya head ripping ya eyes out before eating ya alive...Well that's what i reckon anyroad.

Nothingman said...

SPROMOGY is a clever invitation anagram for "Mop's Orgy!" he he ;)


Guess what is ZTWTK

Wormbrain said...

SPROMOGY - giving a stripper on ecstasy a back massage.

Aunt Jackie said...

Corky!! LOL! Well, I dunno... I'll try to locate the stripper and get her to come by and clean the keyboard for ya :)

Barnze: You know I'm a cat love, and I think that is hilarious!
Nothing and Worm: So far so good, I'm not getting nearly enough suggestions though!

Come on people! Why are you boycotting me!?!