Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ace of Spades

Welcome to Saturday, my favorite day of the week. Who couldn't love it? Unless of course you have to work on Saturday. No harm in it-sometimes you have to-I've certainly done my time working weekends before.

My Saturday has been quite nice so far-I didn't sleep overly late, woke up and gave my husband a facial, made turkey burgers with bleu cheese and am actually accomplishing a thing or two. What's that you say?? Go back-up to which part? Oh-the facial?

No, no no!! You misunderstand. No he didn't give me a return facial-you dirty minded sons-abitches, I meant that literally!! ha-ha. Yes, a real facial. I started out with a nice moisturizing Aveeno soap he bought himself, followed by an Alpha-Hydroxy mask and then I applied moisturizing toner and then Aloe for a refreshing hydrating effect. Yes, my husband has his quirks, and I suppose I can only blame myself... He's spoiled to little things I do to pamper him.

What's that you say? Do I make him wear dresses and put make-up on his face?!?! What kind of question is that? Of course NOT! You guys are insufferable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man taking care of his skin. I actually enjoyed lavishing him with the attention too. Facials are quite relaxing... Oh stop your snickering!

Anyway, other than that I hope to continue having a productive and fun weekend. I have not gone to the barbecue fest yet-I doubt I will, I'm not a fan of pork anyway and I really would rather be friends with the pigs than see them on a grill... They're quite wonderful animals. I only blogged about the event as an informative post anyway, just so you know what sort of events we have down by the River... Memphis is some city. It has its good and bad points I guess, but I've been around here all my life.

One of these days though, I would love to head north, strip naked and make snow angels... Yep, that's what I'm gonna do... one day. Nothing is impossible, you just never know.

Rock on everybody-have a good Saturday. ;)


ZigZagMan said...

I'll skip the metro sexual jokes....oops wait..I just said it so I guess I didn't skip it!! :)

Nekkid snowangels always seem a good idea till ya actually do me on this one....your wiggly bits are more prone to frostbite than others!!! :)

Ya could come up and camp with a bunch of michigan rednecks anytime though!!!

Take care make sure your man doesn't break a nail...:)

Porky Pig said...

But I taste so good in BBQ sauce!

Tha-tha-that's all folks! Now hand me a plate!


Givin' your hubby a facial??? Naked snow angels??? It's another world out there in't it? Nice one though....

captain corky said...

"Dirty minded sons-abitches"

Who me? ;)

Anonymous said...


Mike E said...

Right there with you on most points. Like, Saturday is by leaps the best day of the week -- even for the chronically unemployed. And even back (way back) in my "responsibility phase" I actually dug pulling a Saturday lunch shift waiting tables. Everyone was in such a good mood it was almost a pleasure to serve them...

And yeah, I bet your husband is spoiled to the little things you do to pamper him.

Memphis is some city.

Yep. I'm right there with you on all the above.

But naked snow angles?

That's snow chicky-babe!

It ain't like making snow angles in the mash potatoes!

JINKS said...


Do you give lessons on pampering a husband? If so I certainly need to attend your class.

better check my insurance first...liable to give ole Bill a heart attack.......

Jinks, who now can't get the image of all her friends naked in snow with facial masks out of her sick head......brrrr.