Monday, May 11, 2009

Tater Red Monday

Officially, I'll start the "Ask AJ" section this Thursday. So go ahead and submit to me anything you would like more information about, that means stories, places of interest or just things you wanna know, and I will address these on Thursdays as promised. Come on, it'll be fun!

Tater Reds Sign, MemphisJust quickly since I haven't had time to post, I'm giving the Tater Reds info... Tater Reds boasts that they are 'your one stop voodoo shop. "It's a Blues shop . . . with an attitude!" Open 7 days a week 12 pm - till we've had enough'. Tater has had this shop open for about 15 years here in Memphis down on Beale St., and it's a very popular point of interest in the historic Beale district. There you will find novelties, voodoo items, as well as Memphis and blues souvenirs and interesting character to say the least. It's a must see if you are ever here for a visit. The sign, as you have all pointed out of course, is the coolest!

Then of course, I have received a couple of questions, the first of which I will go ahead and address! Yay! This comes from Furiousball. He writes:

"Dear AJ:

How long can you hold your breath under water?"

Well, furious. Funny you should ask ME such a question... I actually do not know how long I can hold my breath under water as I do not swim, although I will wade around in the water cautiously, I have a terrible fear of actually going under water, and can't even submerge my head below the ears. :) I know, it's really horrible of me... but I just can't stand the sensation of the water over my head and/or the possibility of it getting into my facial orifices.

So there you go... wasn't that fun??? I hope you liked it.

In other news, we just had a Mother's Day weekend, and I hope all the Mothers had a very wonderful weekend full of love and most importantly, rest and relaxation. What did you receive for Mother's Day??

Also took a bike ride to Hayti, Missouri, just for fun and to ride to escort a few people back into Memphis. It was rainy in spots but we made it back in one piece!

Now, it's Monday and I must be getting on, but dont' forget tomorrow is Tuesday's Weekly Words Challenge with Tink! Her words for this week are "Arch" and "Purple". So I hope to be able to get through and post for that.

Hang in there and have a great week all!


g-man said...

I was in a voodoo shop in New Orleans (before the flood) I bought two chicken feet (one each for colleagues that would appreciate them). It was an interesting place. Tater Reds sounds equally interesting!

furiousBall said...

better hope no one in the voodoo shop put a swimmer's ear curse on you then

Jay said...

I bet you just don't want to mess your hair up. ;-)

Gramps said...

Be careful on those rides!

Aunt Jackie said...

lol@Gman and his Chicken Feet... Tater's has those he says.

Furious: haha very funny. :)

Jay: Totally untrue!!! I love getting my hair messed up.

Gramps: Definitely! As much as possible...

Furtheron said...

odd isn't it. I swim a lot and getting my head under has never bothered me. My daughter is the same... Mrs F is like you... my daughter laughs that she can swim but never gets her hair wet.