Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please Excuse Jackie

Dear Tink and WWC Family,

Please excuse AJ for being absent for the Weekly Words Challenge this week. She had a terrible case of loose vowels.

She will be back in next week and will make up this week's assignment as well.

AJ's Higher Self

Yes I missed yesterday, and of course I could do the 'late but Wednesday' version like I did last week, but I had higher hopes of my photos being more worthy. I only have 2 possible submissions and I really don't like either one of them for the keywords. So you guys will have to sit tight until next Tuesday, and not only do I promise not to be late, I am going to begin doing my WWC entries (like Jay does I think) on Monday nights and having them all shiny and ready for Tuesday.

I really must pick myself up and get my @$$ in gear. This has been unacceptable.

I know, I know... I have been through a great deal in the last year (years), but still I gotta keep moving and living and trying to make ends meet. Everyone is busy, everyone gets tired, but I simply must make the time to do the things that I love doing the most. Those things are, writing, music, spending time with people I care about. Then I have to also find time to take care of business too without letting it get to me and stress me out. I'll find a way.

Not much use in going into every little emotion that I have been bombarded with lately, just long story short: Stress, finance woes, too much work to do and worrying over people I care about... lastly, neglecting myself (my soul, my mind and my body). I am a mere faint shadow of the woman I used to be, I feel like crap about it, and that is nobody's fault but my own.

That about docks this boat I guess. Hope you sail through your week via calm waters too.

It's all small stuff, right?? (gotta keep reminding myself).


furiousBall said...

Dear AJ,

Is it true that elephants have automatic thrusters on their weiners?



Aunt Jackie said...

lol @ furiousBall. I will address this in my next post. Thanks for the submission for "Ask AJ". Come on people more Ask AJs!!!!!

Furtheron said...

Dear AJ - what is the longest time you've ever gone without going to the toilet?

Best Wishes Furtheron

P.S. try not to stress too much. Go listen to some destressing music or something - get Mr J to give you a neck rub etc.

g-man said...

Looking forward to next weeks photos. Keep on making time for those fun and personal moments. I hope things calm down for you soon.

Dear AJ, have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction while on stage?

Reb said...

AJ, take the time, make the time, to do something for yourself. Look forward to next weeks photos.

Scarlet said...

As positive as I am, I've been a little down (maybe it's the four days of heavy rain, no job, people I care about who are in trouble)...the list goes on.

What is going on lately?? I think everyone's a little stressed because of finances and we just have to pull ourselves up, eat right, make time for good friends and red wine, and find time to do the things we enjoy.

Life's relatively short and there's always something positive to focus on. We have to remember that! :)

Blondie said...

If I were closer, I'd like to bring a six-pack over to cheer you up. Chin up, girlie. And call if you need to!

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks you sweet lovely people you!

I'm workin on it.

Aunt Jackie said...

Scarlet I just need to come hang with you and find out how to enjoy life a little more!!