Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sorry I fell off from the other day, as I know I promised the first official of the "Ask AJ" segments. I still intend to, and as we are just starting the topic, we'll smooth it out.

Once again though, if you have ever read something on the blog that you'd like to know more on, or just have something else you'd like to inquire of me, e-mail it to and I will put them up weekly on thursdays here at the forrest.

Though off schedule, I will try to put up the "Tater Red" shop tomorow. Yeah.

As for excuses on why the posting hiatus from Wed, let's just say it has been very hectic at work, then at home as well. It happens here and there to us all. I always keep dragging along though, even if I am speaking to just one or two readers, at least that's someone. Thank any of you who still come by and hang with me... I know I can be boring sometimes or drone on about overemotional things... I still love to entertain and reach people though.

Think of me and my blog what you will but i am just ME, like it or lump it. I can't help nor do I want to change the person I am inside.

Well that's my rambling for this fine, misty Saturday evening, I'll be back tomorow with fun, facts and a weekend recap. Sweet dreams all!!!


furiousBall said...

Dear AJ,

How long can you hold your breath under water?

Reb said...

I love thunderstorms! We are supposed to get one this afternoon!
I am not around much lately either, my computer died and I had to pull out my old one which is very slow.

Furtheron said...

it's good to be busy...