Monday, May 25, 2009

Breaker Breaker

Well the busy week just kicked me in the butt, so sure... I took a few days off where I just didn't think of posting, took to a bit of relaxing, and of course had to take care of a few things. Nothing really exciting, just the same old crap, revisited.

Had a pretty cool dream involving John Lennon last night as I slept in my Dad's old recliner. I know there was more to it than I can recall, but I forgot a few pieces. The part I do remember was I felt a huge wave of emotion when I was talking to him, and I said, "John there just aren't any others like us who really "feel", and no one who understands like you do!" [I'm not quite sure what this meant and why I was confessing this to John.]

John replied, "I know. But there are a few." Then he began to name some specific people for me to look up, and I said, "Wait, let me write them down!" and I grabbed a pen and paper, and began to take names that John Lennon told to me.

Of course upon waking, I had a slight inkling of one of them, but just couldn't bring it to the surface. Isn't it weird in a dream when you think that something really has huge significance while you are dreaming it but when you wake up it has just evaporated? lol

Nobody say a ding dang word about how useless dreams are and that it is bullshit. I'm not looking to get into that bag of feces... I was just sharing so SHUSH.

Anyways, this has been Memorial Day (we had the day off). I am really sorry if I haven't made it by your blogs in a few, I still have to come by and catch up on WWC's too. My last post was this past Wednesday, so I have just had a lot going on and I have also been trying to relax and "recharge" this weekend since we had today off.

Of course one day is never enough of a holiday. I'm still needing a nice vacation sometime soon... but still, I hope I can at least get through and put a little bit of the stress that's been going on lately behind me. I try to think positive and all, it is hard sometimes. So bear with me everyone--Not that it seems anyone's been by worried about me, but still I hang on to the tiny hope that maybe I'm there in the back of your mind somewhere, maybe on the bottom shelf next to the forgotten jar of relish behind your favorite beer.

Laterz... AJ


Furtheron said...

John Lennon! I don't have dreams with famous folk in... I should stop telling people about my dreams, most of them involve me being naked in public and that is all about anxiety and insecurity I keep being told.

Gramps said...

My son bought John Lennon sunglasses this week. What a coincidence!

The Preacherman said...

he's dead as well....bring on the live ones!!!!

Specials 30th Anniversary gig in Leeds with Cappy. They were alive!!!