Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Animal In Me

I just love animals, they are so sweet, so cute... I am big into cats and birds in particular, but love em all big and small. If you remember, I found a dancing bird called "Snowball", and he was really cool dancing to the likes of "Another One Bites The Dust" and lots more... but I ran across this bird named "Frostie" who gave me a giggle also. He likes "Ray Charles" evidently... lol

This weekend I've seen some really good ones. I met one older couple who had a gargantuan "Rhodesian Ridgeback" dog, boy was he horse-like. He nearly dragged everyone that tried to lead him. But he was a sweet, big huge baby!

Then today, I saw baby kittens over at Big Tracy's house. They were so sweet and adorable. Being spring, there have been lots of baby animals everywhere, baby cows, baby horses, kittens, birdies. Then of course, I get to see my own two magnificent animals (Rodney and Sal). They make my day. Animals just love you no matter what... just unconditional, true and wonderful. How anyone could ever lay a hurtful finger on an animal I will never know, and for those who participate in animal cruelty, I wish upon them a painful, excruciating death equal to the agony that they inflict upon any animal x10!! Heartless Sickos... with no regard for any life and concerned for only their greedy worthless selves.

Gahd sorry I tried to catch up and seem to have been having trouble this last couple of weeks, once again, but I am hanging in here. Things are clearing up little by little. We just have so much going on at work right now... I'll keep you guys posted and don't worry, I'm trying to keep positive and trying to take care of me... Thanks for those of you who have expressed love and concerns.

June is nearly upon us, and that means birthdays... Mr. J's birthday is June 1st, Mine is June 22nd. So Y'know... I may be bitching about aging, or maybe I'll feel o.k. It's too soon to tell... the numbers always get to me... always have. Anyways, they mentioned on on NaBloPoMo that the June daily blogging topic would be "Heroes", so I am thinking I might participate in the "post a day" thing. It will give me incentive to try and stay on my posting, and also an opportunity to really shine a light on people I do and have considered heroes throughout my life... or any other way I decide to illustrate the topic.

Seems like it could be a good one.

Also, I have a couple of silly and fun "Ask AJ's" to get to, but I am sleepy and need to answer those when I am on top of my game. So look back tomorrow for the answers to your Ask AJ's, and don't forget to keep submitting, silly or serious, I don't care... it's just for fun!! You know I know lots of stuff, so ask away.

I'm about to doze off, so I think I'll go hit the hay... we'll chat more tomorrow lovely friends.


Furtheron said...

stop it with the cute animals... :-)

Jay said...

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are cool dogs. They are pretty good natured but look like they might be mean. And they are big enough to make a person decide to walk through someone else's yard.

I'm allergic to cats so I'm not around them much.

furiousBall said...

i've got two doggies, two kitties, and a lizard under my roof, definitely animal friendly here :)

g-man said...

I like animals too, although I'd prefer to not have pets. I hope that work slows down for you soon, or at least becomes more fun :)

Aunt Jackie said...

@Furtheron hehe make me ;)

@Jay yeah this was a really cool dog, so sweet too. I usually don't like being around big dogs but I liked him.

@furiousBall awww so yeah you are animal friendly. fo sho.

@g-man I understand that, it's alot of responsibility too just like kids, and you can be an animal lover and not a pet owner. :)

Thanks you guys...