Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing Ketchup (WWC)

I am struggling, but I am finally bringing my Weekly Words Challenge for this week. This fun lil game is hosted by our wonderful friend Tink (from Pickled Beef). She challenged us this week with the keywords "K" and "Metal". I'll make this short and sweet, enjoy...

Silhouette of "The King"

"K" for the Hearing Impaired

"K" is for Killians (Irish Red)

"K" for Kolbe (back of a big trailer)

Kudzu Runs Rampant in Mississippi

Klassic (sic) Metal!!!

"Melt Your Face" Metal

Bonus Photo: I guess this to caution us on stray See-Saws...?

Ok, anyway-I'll be back later with more in depth stuff. Don't forget, you can submit something for "Ask AJ" at any time and I'll tackle it when I am able, so don't forget to check in and see if I have featured your topic on the blog. Also, give a bit of feedback and let me know if you are liking the "Ask AJ" feature.

Plenty has stressed me this week, so I feel a rant coming on soon... come back for that and More here at "Deep In The Forrest"! hehe.


Sara said...

W0w man, your profile is so much mor detailed! Good for you and ace to pop in again- must do it more frequently but been busy with my head in the clouds falling in love!

Jay said...

Love the silhouette of The King.

And I wish I was drinking some Killian's right now. That's good stuff.

Great job as always Jaxxx!

g-man said...

Wicked nice on all of them. I especially like the sign language, and motorcycle, and heavy metal shots. You were rockin' this week, pun intended :)

On the bonus shot, I call those "teeter totter crossing" signs. and make a show of looking for teeter totters waiting to cross. :)

Reb said...

Great shot of the King and the sing language...great minds! Love the Klassic Metal!

Gramps said...


Tink said...

You played! I totally missed this one. :)

I love the see-saw sign! WTH? Hehe. Great job with the words. The ASL "K" is awesome.