Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skip Daze

Yesterday was a bit of a fog, and I was unable to execute the photos for the Weekly Words Challenge (by Tink). The words were "Arch" and "Purple". Sorry I didn't get to join in the fun this week, doesn't mean you can't Run by and see everyone else's talents!

Speaking of "Skipping", and since it is Springing into Summer pretty much around here, I am reminded of that famous phenomenon, Senior Skip Day (wiki).

Now, in the time leading up to my very own graduation, I have to go ahead and admit that I never did anything very interesting. It's quite sad honestly. I wasn't much of a class 'skipper' really, that is until I reached college. By then the rebel factor was no longer in effect, it was just go to class, don't go to class. There were no ringing bells, no tardy slips. It was a whole different ball game.

Yes well when the time came for our very own Senior Skip Day, I even contemplated whether it would be worth my participation. All of my good friends had already graduated in the last couple of years, and the friends that I hung with now were more just replacement friends. I wasn't "popular", and moreover there was nothing very interesting to do in our small down which was buried right smack in the middle of a dry county for Christ's sake. What was it I should aspire to, finding a floor mat and plopping down for a day in front of Sesame Street?

Alas, in the spirit of Seniority I pushed myself to participate in all of those final events (even went to a few senior parties). On Senior Skip Day, one of my replacement friends, Annette, and I cruised over to Harold's house in my powder-blue Impala and spent the lamest few hours possible doing nothing. For me, all it added up to was watching Harold hit on Annette all day, listening to his lame jokes and desperately watching the clock.

Unfortunately in fact, all of the Senior-events combined consisted of activities far paling in comparison to a movie such as American Pie (1999) although I do admittedly wear a few medals for a "Band Camp" story or two. ;)

Looking back, High School for me was the proverbial End of The Innocence in essence (aside from Band Camp), because of those harmless crushes that went nowhere, lack of real-life troubles, and everything still reeking of childhood fairy-tale bliss. Once all that snowy drift washed away the floodgates were opened for real-life pains and true heartbreaking permanent scars. In short, nothing got that interesting until college.

If we had realized the jewel of pure innocence in those shiny-faced days, looking back, I think we would have listened more closely when our parents or loved ones told us to really savor and enjoy our youth, and not to be such a hurry to grow up. We probably all giggled and rolled our eyes to those words at the time, but knowing now how fast that time zoomed by I wish we had listened fully with ears wide open.

Graduates (and everyone) I challenge you; seize the day, live with no regrets, and slow down a little... really. There's no need to rush, believe me when I say these moments have fast wings.


furiousBall said...

my advice to graduates - the best days of your lives are over

BBC said...

Well, we don't have to experience everything just because it is there.

In fact I miss a hell of a lot of stuff anymore because I go camping a lot. And I just bought a 5th wheel camper that will be even better than the pickup camper.

Scarlet said...

You brought back some of my favorite memories with this post, AJ.

The best part of your skip day sounds like the drive to Harold's in your powder-blue Impala. A friend of mine had one of those in puke green. Not pretty, but it got us places. :)

Sounds like you were a good girl in 12th grade. I'd like to hear more about your college days. Hmm. ;)

Furtheron said...

well said - when you are young ... hang rephrase... when I was young I was deperate to be older, to look older and all that. I remember being glad on my 20th birthday I'd no longer be a teenager. Nuts!

Savour childhood, savour youth, savour all life's moments. Before you know it, your son is the youth your daughter a mistery to you and some old bloke with grey hair and bags under his eyes stares back from the mirror every morning.

Jay said...

I actually showed up for school on Senior Skip Day. Cause I'm a rebel like that. It was pretty funny because there were only a handful of us in each class. I skipped the next Friday though. That's how I roll. ;-)

Oh and I hated high school. Hated every last freaking second of it.

Nothingman said...

i miss my days in hostel. we wanted to get out of there i'd give anything to get back to that time...

i hope the kids these days enjoy their youth :)

Nice post and i must say, killer blog theme :D