Friday, January 30, 2009

Series Of Unfortunate Events

These happened a couple days back and I just haven't had any opportunity to sit down and collect my thoughts to blog them down. Sorry if it's a bit long... but I'm usually worth it. ;)

We had our fifteen minutes of snow here in the Mid-South, and I was excited. Although it didn't last long, there was ice and the driving conditions were hazardous (especially if you intend on driving near any other idiots on the road).

We had taken the dog out so he could get some exercise, and use the bathroom etc. Since it was so very cold, I didn't want to leave him out all day really, so I decided to run out there and look at the back yard snow, and bring the dog back in. When I remembered the snake that the guys had seen in the swimming pool earlier in the summer, I wondered strangely to myself if there was a chance that one might be hibernating. So I took a long stick, and went over and used it to open up the lid on the skimmer basket. I poked the stick down inside the dark, murky water to see if anything was there. I heard a bubbling, but I attributed it to the fact that it was probably leaves, and I'd opened up an air pocket in the flap in front of the skimmer. Then to my surprise, I saw a slimy-looking, dark, patterned reptile tail swishing back and forth. 'Oh my god!' I thought, 'the damn thing is still in here, hiding in the basket, and he's active!' How could it be?? We'd certainly had our share of cold temperatures, and per the season shouldn't he be in hibernation mode?? How well can they survive in the colder temperatures?? Obviously this one was doing quite well. I poked down in there once more, and he squiggled and squirmed. I didn't stick around much longer because, well, I'm pretty afraid of wild snakes especially if they are disturbed. So I took the dog on the other side of the dirty pool, and stared across to see if he was still moving around. He was making waves, so I decided to go back in to the house and forget about Mr. Snake.

Fed the dog, and then it was time to think about lunch ourselves. (Consequently, I had a dream about multiple snakes that night, one of which bit me.)

Mercury In Retrograde...

(just can't seem to go anywhere with Subway)

As I didn't feel like cooking, and up for a quick, but not-so-unhealthy solution, Subway seems to usually come to mind. So earlier in the day, I decided to run up to a subway up the road with a convenient drive-thru. Well, I ordered, then at the Window I submitted my Debit card for approval. It came back unaccepted. She said I could come in and attempt the 'debit' option from the inside just to make sure. I went in and tried, once again the card failed to authorize. 'Just great', I thought. 'What the hell has happened this time? I was sure we had the funds.' So I left the sandwiches there under the premise that I was going to get some cash, took off back to the house. Then I walked in and shrugged at Richie telling him the card did not go through, and I was back 'Sans-Subs'. I checked the account, and sure enough, some stinking bill went through, and dropped us low enough for the card not to go through. Just to make it until payday, I pulled a bit out of savings to cover.

Instead of going over to another subway, we opted to make healthy little pizzas at home with our low-carb tortillas, some ground turkey, cheese, olives and onions etc. It was quite good. Should've done that in the first place.

Damn You Sammich!!!

Later that evening, we were getting ready to go to band rehearsal. It was time for a bit of "Supper". Once again, I was still entertaining the Subway bug. This time I knew I had the funds, so I quickly grabbed just my wallet and keys and flew down the street to the OTHER Subway (was still feeling embarrassed from the earlier incident and did not want to show my face at the same location). When I arrived, I saw that not many people were in line. This was destiny. Excitedly, I jumped out of my car and skipped in to the counter. I made basically the same order that I did during my lunchtime fiasco. She made the sandwiches perfect to my specifications, toasted, warm and delicious. I opted to make them meal deals with large drinks. This time, she did not screw me over on the LARGE drinks. Everything was perfect, I was finally going to have my 6-inch double-turkey on wheat.

Once again, I prepare to pay. I open my wallet, although more confident this time as I am not worried about the debit card going thr-- 'Wait, where is the debit card? I am sure I put it back in the right place. WTF!!?' I begin to blush, and scramble through each pocket making sure I am not overlooking it in a panic. After checking every nook and cranny, I look at the cashier, and apologetically say, "I'm sorry--I think I left the card in the car, I won't be a minute-Let me just run and grab it. So sorry..."

I exit the Subway, and open the door to my car, sure that the card is there. I dig and search to no avail. I run back in the store and ask the lady to hold it for a few minutes, I will have to go and retrieve my card... and that I was sorry once again.

Cranking the car up, I am cussing like a sailor to myself. I had a feeling that I may have run off and left the card at the other location earlier when I was in a panic. Surely that was what happened. I dearly hoped I hadn't dropped the card out somewhere. I drive about 15 minutes to the other place, and run to the door (remember, these people had the drive-thru). The guy in the lobby waves me around as if to say 'Sorry, lobby closed we're only working as drive-thru now.' I shake my head "no" and mouth that I 'just have a question'. He reluctantly cracks the door open, and I explain my situation. He asked me to come inside for a moment. The employees from earlier had gone, but the guys working called the girl who was there when I came through. She remembered me, but said that I had not left the card.

So there I was, no card, no subway sandwiches... I drove home depressed, dreading telling Richie the story of how I had lost the card, and how I had gone basically AWOL and left not one but two unclaimed orders at two Subways. He would not let me live it down I'm sure. He will make me feel like a complete moron for this.

I walked in, looked in my big bag that I had left on the table for convenience, thinking 'I'll just take my wallet and be right back'. There was my card. In my stressed state, I had simply tossed the card in my purse rather than place it firmly back in the wallet... What an idiot. What bad luck. Why do these things always seem to happen to me??

Still starving, and now not having enough time to go back to Subway to retrieve my lost sandwiches, we grilled some turkey sandwiches in a skillet and warmed up some organic sweet potato fries in the oven. Is there a lesson to be learned here??

At any rate, I think I'll be avoiding Subway for a while.

So tonight, I've been invited out. We're going to a dinner for my old friend Brian who's moving off with his Mr. Right, Esq. to the big ATL. They've been together almost as long as Richie and I have been. Finally, after Mr. Right finished law school, they decided to fly this coop. Mainly due to Mr. Right's job offer there in ATL, but they already have a nice house and everything.

BTW, if anyone knows where I could snag this soup, I would really be grateful. I've just had a craving lately for a spicy soup like this one. lol j/k

"Dish" is the name of the place where my friend is having his little going away dinner, and I've never been there, so I'll report later how it turned out, and maybe have some pictures... who knows.

Saturday night, I've been roped into a Gospel singing for my Mom. My niece, Ginger was also drafted for this event. We were basically ambushed about it only a couple days beforehand, so we have no time to practice, or really plan. These people are going to just get whatever we can conjure up on such short notice then. I'm sure it will be fine. I'm not sweating it, I will just sing like I always do, and leave it to the cosmos. :)

That's about all I got for today. Sorry to ramble, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. You guys have a fab weekend.


Jay said...

Pretty soon every Subway in the area is going to have pictures of you on the wall warning everyone that you NEVER have a working debit card or cash. LOL ;-)

Reb said...

I hate it when debit cards won't go through and you know there is enough money. I have actually left my entire wallet at home and gone shopping. Not a good idea when you are getting necessities - great idea when you don't need anything!

Joshua said...

What?! No cliff Notes?!

Chelly said...

Oh Jackie, I can totally relate. I've had many a day like that. :) Just makes you want to scream. I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.


Furtheron said...

We don't get much snow here but today is one of the very rare occasions that we do, I'm working from home and Mrs F and the kid are home as their respective schools are shut. We've about 6inches (a lot for us, and we are never prepared) and another load expected through the day. A "severe weather event" according to the BBC.

The card thing reminded me of Mrs F losing her entire purse - er that's an English purse, you call it a wallet, your purse we call a handbag... all clear now?

We went on holiday and got there and searched everything, asked our neighbour to check in doors, nothing. So from holiday contacted the bank and got all cards stopped etc.

Get home and I get her car out the garage and there it is on the passenger seat!!! I think she did it deliberately so I had to pay for all the holiday :-)

Tink said...

I think misplacing your card (especially when you're in front of a register) is one of the worst feelings EVER. I'm glad you found it and sorry that you had to run out on your sandwiches.

g-man said...

LOL You had better hope that the two stores don't call each other. You'll be knows as the the sammich bandit or that crazy lady. You can read about my week. You are not alone.

As it happens you can get that soup here. My office mate has that package, and I have the "cup-o-noodles" version of that soup. They serve as screw-up deterrents, "F up and you will have to eat the cock soup!" :)

Kenski said...

Sunday night:

Me: It's going to snow
Tim: It never snows in London

(Tim's from the Ozarks)

Me: Yes, it does snow in London
Tim: Well, it sprinkles, but it never settles!

Me: It settles... sometimes...
Tim: No, it doesn't.

Monday morning:

Me: It snowed
Tim: [silence]
Me: See... it snowed.
Tim: Bloody hell, this is Missouri snow!