Wednesday, January 21, 2009

B Sexy Be Unique (WWC)

Wow, I am utterly taken aback. I can't believe that I am a 2nd year recipient of the Golden Spork Award by none other than Tink of Pickled Beef. This is a great honor... I have to thank all the little people, who's heads I stepped on during my climb to the top... (to include Prince, and AC/DC, and that little dude that played the elf on "Bad Santa" sorry guys!! lol j/k of course). Anyway, here all bright and shiny is my award, which will go into the trophy case soon... but for now:

Dang, if AJ Doesn't Rock!!

And what pray tell gave me this year's win?? Tink says "Best Looking Blog", which I'm still working on the improvements and am shocked for the win here... but still, I blush and accept with great pride.

On to this week's WWC. Our Weekly Words Challenge for this week is brought to us by the letter "B" and by "Unique Perspective". You're going to have to forgive my tardiness (no, not "tardness" although I'll save that for another post). I have not been able to wrap my head around the keywords for this week, but I wanted to participate, just can't seem to get it together.

I know I anticipated really coming back with renewed vigor for 2009 but guess it's gotten off to a bit of a hard start for me... bear with me... Go ahead and congratulate me on the Golden Spork award, and then tomorrow I will fill in with an update and post my entries for this week's WWC.

"B" Is For...

Also, I have a bunch of complaints brewing-more stuff that annoys me, things people are doing to piss me off and just general annoyances and rants, so stay tuned. I'm trying to organize my thoughts. With organizational skills like mine, you could be waiting for a while, but with the intensity of my hatred for all things annoying, I doubt it will be that long.

**updated 1/21/09 for WWC entries**


Reb said...

Congrats on the Spork! I love the most excellent pictures too! ;)

Furtheron said...

We know AJ rocks!

Great award...

g-man said...

You're just spork-a-licious :) Looking forward to your perspectives :)

Pixie (Aka "the niece" *snort*) said...


Anonymous said...

yeah....I didn't see any B is for Best friend in there. hee hee T.

Tink said...

I love your pictures! As always. The BB Blues sign is awesome. Is it black and white with a blue filter? The butcher sign was a little eerie. Why'd they have to make it a RED neon? :)

g-man said...

Wow you totally rocked it!!!! I thought the B.B. King sign had a unique perspective too. A whole bunch of great 'b' words, blur was too clever!

I reiterate spork-a-licious :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Reb Thanks! I'm hoping for some unique perspectives on all our WWC's this year... still waiting for 2009 to bring us something to "say cheese" about too.

Furtheron! Awww how sweet... thanks.

G-man! "Spork-a-licious"? Wow that's quite bold and what an honor! Tink Rocks.

Pixie! Wow, isn't the internet so cool making connections for all of us (we who never keep in touch), and now, "Yes we can!" lol Glad to see you and glad to have reconnected.

Um, T-Nonymous? Maybe if you'd let me take some photos of you I would be able to put you in the WWC from time-to-time... Sounds like a photo-shoot to me... put on your witchy make-up and let's get started. ;)

Tink! Well the Blues sign was more of a tweaked-Cyanotype effect I put on, I have used the BB Kings sign, and thought it would be a cool twist to make it really blueish. And the "Butcher Shop" is actually a very popular steakhouse in Memphis. Guess they were seeing red when they were planning... lol

G-man, yes... a Blur. What 2008 went by in, right?? I'm ready to move forward and get some good feelings going on again.

Thanks everyone!!!

BBC said...

Golden Spork Award

At first glance I thought it said, Golden Pork Award, ha ha ha.

Rants are good, lots of things piss me off and I of course rant about them.

I'm mostly only at peace with the world when I'm away camping. But I'm back now and still pissed. Have a great day hon.

The Preacherman said...

Thought ir said Pork for a sec... ;-)

Congrats babe xxx

Anonymous said...

You already have pics of me. Ones that captured my youth! LOL T.

Aunt Jackie said...

Y'all stop with the Pork, you porkymouths! lol :)

Listen T-nonymous, that's fine and good but WWC usually is recent shots. I promise I will make you look younger than ever if you give me a 'shuttering' chance. :) hee hee