Sunday, January 11, 2009


The full moon has of course been affecting things. Always funky a few days before and after, but all-in-all, still surviving. So that's all that counts really. Was all in "TGIF" mode Friday, and ready to roll when a strange flapping sound happened to my back left tire on the battlemobile. Turned out that I had an Allen wrench in it. That's quite curious. Anyways, it's still up at the shop as they didn't have time Saturday to get to me, and were backed up with several customers. So they will finish up and change oil for me, and I'll pick it up first thing in the morning.

That didn't make it very easy to get back down to Mom's as I had planned though, to help her through another sleepless night. I ended up staying home last night because the weather was too cold to go back down on my bike. I went back down today though, but was cutting it close and still froze my ass off. My thighs are still defrosting as we speak. All's well that ends well I suppose. Dad just goes through ups and downs. He might sleep enough one night to allow Mom to get some rest, and the next night he might yell for her every hour on the hour for no other reason than to repeat himself once again, "I gotta get up out of this bed." I don't blame him... I understand he's probably sick and tired of it for sure. But that doesn't make things any easier on my already-worn-to-a-frazzle mom. I am really worried about her. I get down as often as I can, but we're all juggling so many things in our own life that we can only do as much as possible... guess it's all anyone can do. Help with what you can... so we just keep on moving along and trying.

Still I get so depressed being there now. It's like a dark tunnel with no light at the end to guide me anymore. I try though, I still try to talk to Mom and have a laugh or two, but it is a challenge. Then the best part of my riding my Motorcycle, besides the solitude and the fresh air, is when I pass houses who have a fire going in their fireplace. The scent of that smoke just takes me back to a much more secure and safe time of my life... Childhood of course, when winters were just filled with that sensation. Go out and cut wood, I remember the sound of Dad's chainsaw, and just feeling protected being near him. We usually had a fireplace or even the wood burning stoves, which are just as cool. Still get that smoke smell. I guess that's why I always have to inhale deeply anytime I pass that scent. Sure do miss feeling good like we did growing up, just the contentment, safety and love of those two wonderful parents. I was very lucky... this I know.

I digress... sorry for seeping down into Memory-Marsh. I can't help it sometimes, just writing what flows out... I have really had alot of thoughts on my mind lately, but I can't seem to get them all organized. I'll try. I might have to start using my digital recorder and having it with me every time I have a thought so I can remember it and keep them all together. Probably would serve me well to do just that.

The other day, though, My Good Buddy Jay from "Cynical Bastard" clued me in on a little blog-event that takes place for Monday... It's called "Delurking Day 2009". It actually takes place on Monday January 12, 2009. This National Delurking Day basically means, y'know... delurk yourself in the comment section here and say hello! We’re mostly all nice people around these blogs. Nobody is going to hurt you or be mean. We love everybody (mostly hehe).

So take a minute to say hello. Jay demands it and everyone listens to and loves Jay... plus, I know there are people who read this blog and others, and never leave a word. It'd just be nice to know you're there... So leave me some luv even if it just says "Bozo Was Here". Then go around to all the rest of the blogs you read and say hello to them too. And then come back here and go to each of the blogs over in my sidebar and say hello to them. And then come back later and click through the comments to other blogs that might not be over there on my sidebar yet and say hello to them.

Maybe it sounds time-consuming, but do what you can, you might not be able to make it to everyone, just try to extend the extra hand. I'm going to do the best I can to visit and comment, just try to join and participate a little... o.k.? It will make my day... In reading around the net about it, seems like there might actually be a "National Delurking Week". So, if not tomorrow, just pick up throughout the week and make the extra effort... Come On You Lurkers!!! Show Thyselves!
Other than all of that, this week of course we're cranking back up on the Weekly Words Challenge. Maybe it's a good time for you to join the rest of the shutterbugs and snap some pics... It's fun. If you dont' have a regular cam, even your cellphone pics will do... So if interested, check over at Tink's Blog to get the scoop.

So tomorrow is Monday for me and most of the 9-5 grinders, so even if you don't observe the concepts of time and space, feel a little sorry for me that my weekend is over... and I'm sad.

Also, I would like to send a nasty little shout-out to the Titans for this weekend's ruined, stink-fest of a football game. What was up with your shitty end-zone game?? All that decent yardage lost, and hard work to waste getting so close then turning around the ball so many times. You should've won that game threefold. But guess it wasn't meant to be... I was so looking forward to you guys making the Superbowl. I think I'm going to have to throw you over and go back to my old favorite, the Steelers... I have spoken.

Time for a hot steamy bubble bath or I might just go Berserk. See y'all on flip side honeychiles.



Jay said...

Need any help warming up those thighs? Uh .. I mean, I bet that was damn cold on the bike!

My car takes forever to heat up, but at least I have seat warmers! Do any bikes have seat warmers? That would be pretty neat!

Furtheron said...


I like the delurking idea - I might post on that.

Sorry about the family situation -= can't be easy for all of you. {{hugs}}

Cynnie said...

I'm so sorry about daddy :(

Your poor mama having to watch her life partner go through this ..

love to you all

The Preacherman said...

Lurking is fun and I howl at the moon.

I am currently imagining you in a bubble bath....oh dear...I need a stiff one...I'll rephrase...

soz about your dad babe. Life's a bitch sometimes x