Friday, January 23, 2009

Snot Hell

"Snot's caught in my trap, that I can't Hawk out... Because I'm still blowin my nose babehhh" (to the tune of Suspicious Minds by Elvis).

It's been most of the week now, yes, and I am still stuck in what I've affectionately started to call it, "Loogi (or Leugy?) Hell". I have to get it out too, as gross as it is. I can't stand it, interferes with my breathing. I can run to the restroom and get all cleared up, which is a horrible ritual in itself. I have to go hover over the john, give it a good cough, and then work to get the stuff out without gagging and possibly throwing up. It's miserable... I just do not have a strong stomach where snot or vomit is concerned.

I'm just hoping and praying that this affliction will dry up soon... I can snot no longer!

Funny the things you take notice of most when you're ill. I knew this already, but have come to realize that the toilet paper in our restrooms is not even 1 ply, it's like .3 ply. I don't understand why establishments do this. I mean sure, you are getting cheaper paper, but people roll off like 4 times the amount just so they can function. So are they really saving money in the end? (No pun intended).

This is a shot of one square of the actual toilet paper in our building's restroom. Good luck with that huh?? Wipe or blow at your own risk... may as well just use fresh bark.

Then there are the toilets that flush automatically. This can be sheer pandemonium for the germ-freak. The problem is, especially for women that if you can actually brave a public restroom (which is exceedingly more difficult by the day for me), then you must still spray the seat (if spray is available), and coat it with the protectors or toilet paper, and then still be an expert "Hoverer". You can't sit on the seats, unless you have a death wish and don't mind the skank.

So in the gym, they have some of these high-brow toilets that flush when it detects movement. So whatever you're doing, if you make movement then it just gives a high-powered "whooooooosh!!!" I understand the sentiment. However as germs go, it's widely known that a toilet flush sprays all manner of nasty bacteria and germs. So do I want to get caught in the crossfire with my pants down?? No way! Am I the only one who thinks about this stuff?? Plus the fact that it will flush multiple times, triggered by motion, so you can't stand there trying to adjust anything, or even zip up. And think of the wasted water... Environmentally friendly?? I think snot.

So yeah I'm ranting it out a few annoyances at a time.

The other things that have caught my angry attention lately (and I won't elaborate, I'll just list them for time's sake) are:

People you hear in another stall that go in, do their business, and leave without even thinking of washing their hands. Dirty asswipes (pun intended).

Self-checkout lanes filled with people with enormous basket fulls of grocery items. These self-checkout lanes are supposed to be a quick fix for those with a few items that are in a hurry. For the big spenders with the 1+ baskets, it takes you two hours to check yourself, when a cashier could've had you in and out in about 5 minutes. Douchebags (Isle 5).

Anyone else have a few things that "chap your hide"? I have plenty, but I'll continue on another day. More to come, I promise.

**Just a note, that I have been cleaning up my sidebar a little bit, organizing, and deleting old dead links, adding a couple new. Feel free to check it all out. Also I have added the Yahoo Babelfish Translation widget. You can select a language and it will translate my page for you. I'm testing it out. We'll see. Have a good Weekend!


BBC said...

Then there are the toilets that flush automatically. This can be sheer pandemonium for the germ-freak.

Really? I subject myself to all the germs I can. If you don't subject yourself to germs your body is at risk if it does come into contact with some because it hasn't built up an immunity to them.

People get way too paranoid about all that shit, if I was going to be paranoid about all that I would never have stuck my tongue in a pussy.

Chelly said...

I hear ya on the snot saga. It's been like that for me for the past couple of weeks. I hope you feel better soon. :)

Tink said...

It drives me crazy when people don't wash their hands after using the restroom. Hoop has some relatives that think very highly of themselves. They're a bit intimidating and I never quite feel good enough around them. Well, I didn't, until I caught one of them exiting the bathroom without washing first. BLEH.