Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving Along

February is fast approaching, we've only just caught a breath from "The Holidays" and it'll be good ol' Valentine's Day before you know it. I can't believe it, even though we have been staring at the Valentine Vomit in stores since basically Christmas itself. They get such a head start don't they?

Every once in a while, when I am feeling up to the challenge, I try to participate in the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) theme, if it is one I like. Just a quick explanation of "National Blog Posting Month", it may seem confusing, since the actual month for it is November, but I guess bloggers caught on to it and they just like doing monthly themes. It's just a little extra fun.

The basic principle is that if you participate, then you're taking the pledge to blog every single day for that entire month. Each month has a different theme. I decided to give it a go. The February 2009 theme is "WANT". So that should be fun to try and incorporate into my daily bloggings. We'll see. Wish me luck and click above if you think you might be interested in trying it out. Everyone is added to the monthly blogroll, and it's a great little way to meet up with new and interesting bloggers who participate, and probably catch some interesting reads out there. But I figured that February being a short month and all, maybe I had a tiny chance at keeping with it.

Anyway, aside from that, the weekend was alright... I spent most of it at Mom's house, we've all been trying to be there a good deal, spending nights or whatever so that she isn't by herself in the house. It's kinda difficult because once again, we all have so much going on in daily life, but of course for me family comes first and I am going to do the best I can to be there for her. She's still having a very hard time. I know that it takes time, and that grief is a process. I just really wish she could find some good strength and find positive ways to think in order to take even baby steps forward... nobody can really say, though how it would be for them. I know for me, losing a parent (My Father) has been a very difficult and sad experience... a "face slap" of reality and adulthood, if you will. I've not been unaffected by any means. I know that it has to be an entirely different type of pain when you lose your true love (husband or wife) of 48 years... that's a long relationship indeed.

However, I think I am handling it in a pretty healthy way though. I talk about it freely, I don't hold in my feelings or emotions about it, and maybe due to my spiritual nature I feel close to Dad, and feel bouts of "relief and happiness" imminating from him. I'm not sure if everyone would agree or understand what I mean by that, but I just feel him near, and feel him being proud, happy and loving of us and that he always will be there for us, guiding and protecting, looking out, and still trying to make us feel good... you know?? Well, nobody cuss me. That's how I feel, and I'm glad that I feel his spirit near, and comforted. I just don't think Mom is totally on that plane with it though, she knows these things, and she has felt things about him too, but her grief is stronger right now than anything... Just continue to wish her well, send her healing thoughts and prayers... she needs em. Thanks.

So the weekend consisted of being at Mom's mostly. My husband and I rode down on our Bikes Friday night, spent the night, rode back home Saturday kind of early (although it was noticibly colder in temps, and I froze worse. This is the type of weather we have around here. Nice one day, and freezing the next. So much fun...) Ran a few errands, tried to take care of home as much as possible, and my animals. Then I watched "Rocky" on T.V. before driving back down to Mom's in my car (sans husband), and stayed the night again. My neice Chrissy stayed too, she's been staying a lot during the week because nobody else has been able to really during week days. She says she doesn't mind, and she's the only one just about now in the fam that doesn't have a marriage and family responsibilities (yet). But she does have a boyfriend she is crazy about, so I'm sure she's not far behind. (sigh)

When I got home today, I just relaxed a little, played a video game, washed my dishes, and Richie and I cooked supper together. That brings us to the end of a cool to colder weekend, and now it's on to another Manic Monday. :) Hope yours is tops.

If you've ever seen "Office Space" you will like this a little better... even if you have just heard of the restaurant T.G.I. Friday's, then I guess you'll like it o.k. too, no matter what it speaks for itself regarding Monday. This would be my restaurant... Because Mondays just suck.

Here, enjoy AJ's Inspiration du jour ;)

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities." - Dr. Seuss

So very true...


Chelly said...

Jackie you're an awesome daughter. Your mom must feel stronger knowing that you are around. I'll keep praying for her and sending lots of love and good wishes.

I look forward to reading your Feb. posts. I always look forward to reading what you have to say. :)


Jay said...

It was kind of strange when my dad died. I felt like I should be a nice guy and check in on my step-mother and stuff, but we hated each other. So, that made it more difficult.

I've never tried to do that NaBloPoMo thing. Too much pressure. ;-)

Furtheron said...

Monday's suck - oh yes.

The Preacherman said...

My dad went 12 feet down instead of 6. The gravedigger got carried away on his new mechanical digger. We nearly ran out of rope lowering him down and my Uncles false leg fell off and went in with my dad....

Hugs to you and yer mum babe xx

g-man said...

"No. I do believe you'd get your ass kicked for saying something like that." :)

They say time heals... I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.