Friday, January 02, 2009

First Things First

Here we are, smack dab at the top of 2009. This is the First Friday of the new year (2nd day o' the year). That's right! This is my first official non-holiday post of the new year, I don't have to say "happy" anything except for that I feel happy about that. I am just so glad that the "Holidays" are officially over.

For starters, Yesterday was a good day. I didn't sleep too late, even though I was quite tired still from the last couple of days of holiday work and wear. I basically got up, bundled up with all my riding gear, and rode down to Mom-n-Dad's on my motorcycle. Yeah that's right, Jimi was quite excited to hit the pavement after this spell of "icky" weather, I just haven't wanted to be out in the muck and the freezing temps. Don't get me wrong, it was still quite chilly yesterday, but with my layers, and beautiful blue cast that the sun was gifting the sky, I could not resist.

When I arrived at Moms, she was still working on the Black Eyed Peas (a New Years tradition for good luck. Yes, AJ's Mom is quite the superstitious southern lady). They were worth the weight... I mean, wait. Sorry, I was obsessing over how bloated I feel today from eating too much.

I am not making any resolutions. Of course, I really never do. Resolutions rarely stick, and besides the things people usually set as resolutions are things that we should just strive to do every day, or make a part of our daily lives. We could work these things in anyway as long as we were living life to the fullest and making the most of our "One Day At A Time" lifestyle. We shouldn't have to keep "resetting" on a fresh note at some particular date on the calendar to do the things we are driven to do, we should just work at these things, any chance we get, and never give up.

Here are some examples of resolutions people commonly make in an article I saw called "Top Ten New Year's Resolutions" (from

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends - This is a biggie for me, because you never know, so spending time with those I love who I know love me is a priority!

2. Fit in Fitness - Something we should all want to do so that we can have quality of life. I promise, you're going to want to do everything in your power to stay out of these hospitals because I swear I have less and less trust in the medical professionals now, they treat people like cattle, and I think they're trying to kill everyone.

3. Tame the Bulge - (see above) Aside from this, watch some TLC t.v. shows called "The Half Ton Teen", "The Half Ton Mom", and "The Half Ton Man". You will never pick up a fork again.

My mother taught us growing up: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. This applies to food we eat, things that you do, work, play etc. Goes well with "There is a time and a place for everything." I'm not saying that I always adhere to Mom's principles, but I know that she is right, and we would all do well to burn that into our brains.

4. Quit Smoking - I understand that addictions of any sort are hard to shake. Getting started in the first place is a bad idea. I'm not one of those crazy asses who thinks everything needs to be "banned" or "censored", or the whole city should be labeled "Non Smoking". Government, you sell the shit, let the people fucking smoke it, and let everyone have their freedoms. Sorry, my main point for those who resolve to "Quit Smoking" is: I wish you luck, but you still don't have to wait until January 1st to do it.

5. Enjoy Life More - The biggest question of Earth is "Why are we here?" right? Well nobody really knows the answer to that, but we're all here together learning little by little. Apparently, we are here to do a lot of suffering, go through a lot of pain and heartache. Those things are a given. We're all going to go through trials and sorrows. So every other free minute you have in this world, you should spend it enjoying as much as possible. No regrets people... and no "start dates" to begin enjoying life more.

6. Quit Drinking - See the quit smoking blurb above... Also, it goes without saying, if you wanna sit at home and be in a drunken stupor that is your perogative. I don't have a problem with that or drinking itself. But when you go out on the streets and kill innocent people, or make other peoples' lives hell with your habit, then I have no use for you.

7. Get Out of Debt - We get into debt because we all live above our means. We want things that we don't need, and we spend too much money trying to be better than our fellow man. BBC will tell you straight up about this sort of thing, and he's right about that. "Live Simply and Peacefully." He signs his posts. I admire that slogan. I'm not perfect in this way either, but I'm working on it. If your New Years Resolution is to "Get Out Of Debt" I wish you luck, and I hope you learn your lesson next time... We should all learn to be happier with what we have. Besides, like BBC says, and my Mom says too, we will be screwed if we have to go back to any old ways of living because everyone has gone crazy and would have no idea how to survive.

(I digress, sorry for the ranting)

8. Learn Something New - If you pay attention, not a day goes by that you don't learn something new. Maybe something small, maybe something significant. This honestly shouldn't have to be a resolution at all.

9. Help Others - I know this is hard, because most human beings don't seem to deserve the snot from my nose. But to stop negative thinking, it has to start somewhere. Maybe if we all just pitched in, and were selfless and helped 1 new person a day, or even a week, we could make a difference. Everyone is so self-absorbed though... again, no need to wait for January 1 for this.

10. Get Organized - Probably be much easier to get and stay organized if we conquered 1 through 9, and just tried to relax and not let everything get to us so much. We feel too busy to get organized, or we get stressed and worry about things we have no control over, so our lives become chaotic. If we stopped taking ourselves and our selfish worries so seriously, then we would probably have a much easier life, and a much happier year anyways.

Come on people... you don't need January 1st to do any of those things, you're using it as an excuse. What are you doing with your time the other 364 days as the "new" year ages? My guess would be overworking yourselves on tasks that are unrewarding, or meaningless in the big scheme of things, or perhaps taking things for granted, doing the things listed above naturally and not even realizing it, or just sitting around wasting your life away unhappy when you have the power to change it all right within yourself. Don't get me wrong either, I'm not saying "making lists" is a bad thing. If making lists (any time of year) helps you in your life, write away. Just saying you don't need to make it a resolution. Just find what works for you, and make your life happy.

No time like the present. If we've learned anything from any of our tragedies the past year, it should've been branded into our skulls by now that anything can happen, we can lose people, or go through extreme changes in the blink of an eye. Don't have regrets later, just go right now and do it... whatever it is, whether it's a life or lifestyle change, saying "I Love You", cleaning out those chaotic closets and getting organized, or trying to relax and enjoy life a little more.

It is so ridiculous, and you wouldn't believe the number of "new" gym members that flood in come January 2nd, but just fizzle and fade away sometime in February and March. These things that we resolve to do are not supposed to be "temporary" fixes, they should be things that enrich our daily lives anyway, they should all be long-term, so just like saying "I'm going on a diet", or "I resolve to start..." NOOOOOOOO!!! Anything like that denotes a temporary fix, or a fad. It starts, so it must eventually end (which everything does), but if you just take a different approach to this stuff, and incorporate it maybe "little by little" into your life, and make things a habit, something you become used to because you brought it in gradually, or didn't overwhelm yourself with the pressures of all these things you expect from yourself at once, then it's sure to have a much more positive outcome.

We don't know how much time we have here, so just take it step by step and try to make every little thing count. It all adds up... and you won't be nearly as stressed or depressed. Such wasted time... and I'm not saying I am innocent of this, I'm just trying to pass along my positive thoughts. You and I both know we don't get nearly enough positive thoughts or words around here these days. :) So take them while I'm passing them out. :)

We had company come over on New Year's Eve. I spent the better part of two days cleaning and preparing (even with minimal help from my Husband, go figure). This is something I always cop out, or think I need help with. Or since HE won't help me clean house, he suggests we pay someone to do it, which we've done in the past but I've never felt good about. It's so stupid... My mother worked herself to death taking care of a home, family and working all the while. She never hired a soul to help her. If she can do it all, I can too. I could definitely do with being more like Mom in a lot of ways, and I would not be ashamed of that.

So I cleaned, and the scary part of it was, I actually enjoyed it. Another "first" huh?? I might have found a new addiction (we'll see about this), but at least it will be a useful addiction. Who'd have 'thunk' it... Jackie enjoyed cleaning the house. Yep... we're gonna have to keep our eyes open for this 2009... I have a sneakin' suspicion it's gonna be a very interesting year.


Jay said...

Well dang. If I had known you were on such a cleaning roll and enjoying so much, I would have let you come over and clean my house. Hell, I would even have paid for the French Maid outfit. ;-)~

BBC said...

I am just so glad that the "Holidays" are officially over.

I hide from them, I went camping.

Resolutions, have no use for them and I don't need to lose weight, I have to force myself to eat enough to keep from losing weight.

Welcome to 09 though, 08 was just a preview of harder times. I hope that you are getting ready for them, so few are.

BBC said...

Hum, maybe it is time for my bimonthly vacuuming.

Furtheron said...

Hi there... great post.

I'm avoiding the resolution thing for the similar reasons and I end just setting myself up to fail.

Smoking - I quit when quite young and just decided one day after cutting back that I'd stop. I didn't tell anyone at all for about a week until I was offered one and refused then someone said "Are you still smoking?" I admitted probably not and handed the remains in the pack still in my pocket to a mate.

Drink sadly weren't that simple but again I didn't need a specific date - I just needed to finally surrender to the beating it was contiunually giving me.

Re - "Get out of debt". I'm extremely lucky I actually have no debt in money terms, I've plenty in spritual or emotional ones but I'm very lucky on the money front. In the UK the govt is now saying we should all spend more to get the economy moving and that banks should lend more to people to allow this. I'm at a loss the reason I think we are in this mess is because too many people borrowed too much and expected it to never be called in. Finally what about those like me who have made sacrifices to put money away for the future? Now my investments are cut by a third and my interest income is slashed too. Where's the incentive to be prudent?

(move soapbox out of reach...)

I'll shut up ranting now... :-)

Kenski said...

Resolutions? Not this year! Nope... no new projects, just more of the same :-)

Don't smoke so don't have to give up?

Alcohol? Could do with cutting back (applies to most people)...


Not before March...

...not before...


The Manic Street Preacher said...

I'm with Calvin ;-)

Happy New Year babe xxxx

Hope you have a cracker!!!

Elizabeth said...

Add to the list

Takes pleasure in small things........and try not to worry too much over things you can't change.
Happy 09

farmer dave said...

regarding your resolutions, ive not realy made any as such, but mainly to get much healthyer and drink less iam not goingto totaly pack up the beer but cut down a bit more i think that will do, and like you iam pleased the holiday season is over and done with for another year, have a good 2009 i know mine will be an intresting 1