Monday, April 03, 2017

Sowing the Seeds of Love

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~Nelson Mandela

That quote above is one of my favorites, and oh so true. There is so much potential for love in this world that all that ugliness is just sad, and a terrible waste of time here on earth because in my own experience, there are so many amazing people from all over the world in every imaginable color, shape or size, culture and religion too, that I know in my heart if I had wasted time hating people for no good reason, I would have missed out on beautiful friendships and family.

However, today's selected holiday, entitled "Weed Out Hate, Sow The Seeds of Greatness Day" made me think of hate in a different way. One of my own vices (or two), road rage, and just encounters with assholes that cause me to rage and feel boiling hatred. That's right, I hate people based on who they are inside, as a person, I severely dislike closed-minded, rude, snobby, ugly-hearted people... yes you got it, I am severely Anti-Asshole.

This thought spurred in my mind just today as I was walking along to go to the cafeteria to grab myself a cup of soup. (Rainy today in the big M, so I thought soup sounded perfect... it's a nice, hot, delicious organic vegetable soup.) Well anyway, I am passing through the gate, and other times I am walking along and just meeting people in the midst of any of these actions, and smile, speak and try to say or do something cordial, and sweet (which is my nature). When said gesture is met with a cold look, sideways glance and/or no response, not even "Thank You", my blood begins to boil, and I sometimes cannot hold back a sarcastic, "Or Not!!", or a very audible stream of cursing them out as I am walking on.

My issue is, why are people so cold, ugly and rude? They'll jump in front of you in a NY second, just to stand in some lame, slow line. Oh and if you're not looking "Barbie Doll Perfect" (as it can make you feel), they can't even meet eyes and speak with you? It's not like you're going to catch fire from exchanging some general cordiality with the likes of me. Then I find myself wishing bad incidents on these people for the rest of the day.

No, it's not healthy, and no I'm not proud. One should think on this type of thing, however. Even if you aren't an asshole, and maybe you are just shy or something, it takes two seconds to speak to someone, smile and tell them to have a nice day. When you don't, remember the thoughts I just described. The low mood, or the ugly thoughts and hostility spread, and spread. Just one small kind gesture or word will spread the same way, and it will go forward and make everyone feel better. Now, wouldn't you rather spread a smile and a good mood than have someone wishing you'd break a limb after you passed by? I know I would.

Attitudes are Contagious... Is Yours Worth Catching?

Listen to Kid President - He's got the right idea.

Speaking of Attitudes, coincidentally, today was also "Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day"... Darnit!! I found that one out a bit too late... Anyways, HAPPY MONDAY--GO SPREAD SOME LOVE!!!  Love, Jaxxxxxx
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Chelly said...

I don't get it either Jax. It's not difficult to be nice. It's not hard to smile or be cordial. Everyone seems so self-absorbed and cold. Pisses me off too. Love that you're always your beautiful self: kind, friendly and sassy. ♥ #southernbelle

That soup sounded delicious! Yum.

Aunt Jackie said...

So true Chelly, I wish to see significant change. I try, I know I don't do enough, but I will keep trying. Thank you for the wonderful words, always make me feel so good. <3