Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pink Moon

Full Moon tonight... It's called the Pink Moon!! Yayy! But is it really pink? Well, not exactly. There are reasons we call it the Pink Moon though, read the above link, or also This Article Still, very cool though. I always love all Full Moons.

We have several interesting holidays that fall on April 11th, which I have included below just for fun information for you guys, well, whoever is actually out there listening to me =)

The one that I really suppose I have the most interest in is "Eight Track Tape Day", as I remember being little and my sisters, who were all grown-ups pretty much already, they actually had some 8 Tracks. So I remember finding something I could play them on, and being enthralled over these weird cartridges, but as a music lover, I still loved it all. As long as I had music, I was happy. This was, in fact, thanks to my Mother who reportedly had music playing even when I was an infant in my crib. There was never a moment growing up that I remember, Mom didn't have music playing somewhere in the house. She listened while she cooked, cleaned, worked or whatever she was doing. We would sit at the breakfast table drinking coffee and her favorite tunes would be playing pretty much all day long.

So this is why I remember fondly, music all through the ages, and chose to recognize the 8 Track, today... yes, perhaps one of the oddest phases in our Musical history... Very interesting indeed. I was so thankful that we had CDs... but even now, I've become a 'brat' of the digital age with my iPod and my Bluetooth in the car, in my motorcycle helmet, music, music everywhere.

Thank you Mom! <3

Now, here's a little history lesson on the 8 Track... enjoy!

2017 Daily Holidays that fall on April 11, include:

Barbershop Quartet Day (couldn't find them singing "Louie Louie" and was disappointed)
Eight Track Tape Day
International "Louie Louie" Day (maybe it's available on 8 Track)
National Be Kind to Lawyers Day - April 11, 2017 (Second Tuesday in April)-Eh
National Cheese Fondue Day (Mmmmm, Let's Fondue It!!)
National Library Day - April 11, 2017 (Tuesday of Library Week)
National Library Workers Day - April 11, 2017 (Second Tuesday in April)
National Pet Day (Go Hug Em, Give Em a Treat)
World Parkinson's Disease Day

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