Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Sounds and Confusion

Little bit of randomness today. Still not very many impressive daily holidays that I take a liking to for "April 5th", but I still listed them down below, if you are interested.

My thoughts are filled today with freedom, and confusion, and creativity, and feeling stifled. I want to do my own thing, like have a little shop, or art studio that  makes money, or that I can live and survive doing, without being part of the corporate grind. I am going stir crazy, I don't know what to do, and things have got to change soon. I am trying desperately to figure out an idea that would work for me. When I pass a small shop in an older part of town, or pass through the South Main Art district, my soul leaps out through my chest, and I think 'this is home, why am I not here?'

--Anyone want to weigh in on that, I'm open to suggestions, advice or inspiration.

So, I was looking through my other blogs, and started wishing that I could just combine the two (the Just Me Jax and this one, like merge all the posts together, and use the other color scheme). I don't want to lose any articles, and there were a few good ones over there too. I'm just feeling frustrated and chaotic today. I feel the need to get organized, get free and enjoy life.

To finalize my post for today, I am going to list for you My 10 favorite sounds... then you can check out the weirdo holidays for April 5th... Have a Good'Un... Jax

My 10 favorite sounds:
(No particular order)

1.   Thunderstorms / rain on windows
2.   Dead silence after a long day
3.   Birds singing outside on gorgeous spring day
       (bird noises of all kinds really, owls, etc)
4.   Sexy deep male voice (if my partner, I like their
       voice close to my ear, whispering)
5.   Airplanes passing overhead or close
6.   Cat purring
7.   Crackling Fire
8.   Crickets at night in the country
9.   My Mom and Dad's voices
       (though they are no longer here)
10. Wind Chimes jingling on a breezy day

--and finally here are those holidays--

2017 Daily Holidays that fall on April 5, include:
  • Childhelp National Day of Hope - April 5, 2017 (First Wednesday in April)
  • Go for Broke Day 
  • Gold Star Wives Day
  • National Caramel Day 
  • National Dandelion Day 
  • National Day of Hope - April 5, 2017 (First Wednesday in April)
  • National Deep Dish Pizza Day 
  • National Raisin and Spice Bar Day 
  • National Walking Day - April 5, 2017 (First Wednesday in April)
  • Paraprofessional Appreciation Day - April 5, 2017 (First Wednesday in April)
  • Whole Grain Sampling Day - April 5, 2017 (First Wednesday in April)

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