Monday, April 10, 2017

For The Love Of Sisters

Happy National Siblings Day! 

 My sisters were all pretty much 'grown ups' by the time I graced this world with my awesomeness. They were busy looking for their own paths and trying to chase their dreams, and flying off from the nest before I could find my feet and learn to walk. However, that never stopped any of us from loving one another.

Top row: My sisters (l to r) Jeanne, Debbie and Vickie
Bottom row: Vickie's oldest, Stacey (left) & Kristie (right)
(That's Me in the Middle)

We may have not always shared the same views, lifestyles or interests, but we all shared two people (Mom and Dad) who taught us all more about strength and love better than anyone else ever could begin to. So Mom and Dad left us here with hardcore values, big hearts, stubbornness, amazing spirits and strengths (all four of us), and a love for one another that is there, even though we may not see one another often. I for one, love you, all of my sisters and will always be here for you, will talk to you and see you when I can, but above all please know I appreciate you and will always love you more than you ever know. That's way, way further than the moon and back!!

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Chelly said...

What a beautiful photo and tribute to your sisters!!! <3 You all look so pretty. You and your nieces look adorable. Is Kristie crying in that pic?