Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tenacious Dio (R.I.P)

After Mother's Day, the week really slid by me. Workload for me has not let up very much, but Friday wasn't too bad. I just still didn't get any chance to post. Now the weekend has been a little different story. Laziness was all that prevented my posting. Despite the storms around the areas, and the flooding in Millington, and of course Nashville the rain has been persistent off and on through the week, and it's back again this afternoon. More thunder, lightening and all of that.

Not that I mind as long as it isn't flooding or more damage for the people who've already suffered issues because of it. If anyone was wondering (since I did get a few emails and so forth asking if we were o.k. here), there were flooded parts of our area, but nothing like Nashville, or the area above Memphis, Millington. So far so good here. Anyways, that's about it on the rain front.

I know my blog time has been severely less lately, and my posts have not been much which I don't like because I do enjoy blogging and intend to keep going. I just haven't had enough time to think of anything good and time to post it...

Hopefully I'll do better in the days to come.

Now then, what prompted me to blog is about another Celebrity death, Ronnie James Dio, Heavy Metal god in his own right and also once lead singer of Black Sabbath after Ozzy. I've never been the hugest fan of Dio's vocals, but he is extremely revered in the Metal Community. I respect him for his legend and his music itself even though I wasn't that much into it. So evidently, Dio had been battling Stomach Cancer for a while, and lost the battle.

Well, another sad moment in Rock, and the hearts of his millions of fans. I know he is out there in the Cosmos throwing us all his infamous "Goat Sign" and would if he could tell us that everything is gonna be alright.

Rock on Dio, and I know you will. Read Full Article On Dio's Death

Here's a little tribute to Dio, if you have ever seen "Tenacious D" (Jack Black & Kyle Gass) you'll know what these are about. If not, you should look them up and check out "Tenacious D" for sure... it's been around a while, but they're hilarious.

I give you Tenacious D playing "Heaven & Hell"

And Tenacious D singing their own "Dio"

R.I.P.D = Rock In Peace Dio!


Terra Graves said...

So was he lead singer of DIO too? I mean, I would remember him of that but Black Sabbath was never the same without Ozzie so I never heard him sing for them. Would be nice if he got the credit for all the work he did!

T ;(

Aunt Jackie said...

Yep... Dio was Dio, and then of course he did so much more. I think he got lots of credit, I just neglected to mention that one. Sorry. :)

Yes as far as Black Sabbath goes, I'm an Ozzy fan all the way; As I am also a Van Halen not Van Hagar fan (but have nothing against Hagar himself).

kcinnova said...

I saw him in concert back in 1984 when he was touring with his own band. He really was a talented singer. (I'm not an either/or fan -- I liked both versions of Black Sabbath, but they were definitely 2 different sounds.)
I've been listening to "Children of the Sea" a lot in the past 12 hours. It showcases his voice really well.
So yes, I'm feeling a bit sad about his death (sort of strange since I wasn't a huge fan). He wasn't a bad boy of rock, getting into trouble and into the news, which means he wasn't a well-known name. I just watched "Tenacious D" a few weeks ago and LOVED it! Don't know how I managed to miss that gem before.

Jay said...

R.I.P. Dio!!

Anonymous said...

In my teens I loved rock n roll children.

Furtheron said...

I've just realised that my own tribute to him focused on his Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell outpute (same band, diff name... see Ozzy's lawyer and old record company execs for an explanation of that one).

However - yes he was singer with Dio - also he was the original singer with Rainbow as well.

Not a bad CV frankly. One of my favourite singers when coupled to Iommi's guitar - frankly awsome doesn't do that onslaught justice.

A sad loss.

Gramps said...

Never apologize for laziness. Laziness makes the world go round.