Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

Well would you look at that, I made a mid-week post! I'm doing a little better. I'm still staying quite the busy bee, and trying to better organize myself in other areas, work, personal, creative, and I have a lot of things coming my way and things I want to accomplish! So just sharing.

The last couple days, I've been working on a few of these "lists of 10", no meme or anything, just something I jotted down as a post idea, and finally decided to throw it in. Why 10? Just because really... I just felt like 10. It could make for a bit more "AJ Enlightenment" for ya. So how about we start with...

My 10 favorite works of art.

Now, just a note that I made this a list of 10, but I have so many favorite works of art, I just narrowed it down for the sake of this shorter list. Each one I love for a different reason. Don't feel like explaining why now, just know it's a reflection of something in my soul.
  1. "Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Metres Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln" 1976 by Salvador Dali View
  2. "Nighthawks" 1942 by Edward Hopper View
  3. "The Old Guitarist" 1903 by Pablo Picasso View
  4. "The Walk, Woman with a Parasol" 1875 by Claude Monet View
  5. "The Thinker" Bronze, 1902 by Auguste Rodin View
  6. "Luncheon of the Boating Party" 1881 by Pierre Auguste Renoir View
  7. "Kiss V" 1964 by Roy Lichtenstein View
  8. "Le RĂªve" 1932 by Pablo Picasso View
  9. "Jane Avril" (Poster) 1893 by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec View
  10. "Migrant Mother" 1936 by Dorthea Lange View

10 unforgettable moments in my life:
  1. Daddy taking me shopping for a bean bag when I was really small

  2. Being potty trained (yes I vaguely remember this)

  3. Eating Honeysuckle and catching fireflies as a child

  4. The Deaths of all of my animal loved ones

  5. Learning to drive

  6. The death of my sister's youngest daughter (just 20), it changed us all forever

  7. My first Kiss

  8. Losing my heart to Z

  9. Finding my heart again when falling for my husband

  10. The Death of my Father

Write a 10 line poem. (Really? Am I that quick?)
Ok, let's wing it:

"On the wings of the wind I hear your song
keeping me peaceful at night, and all along
on the lips of the wind I hear your voice
whispering why you left, that you'd made your choice
I feel the fingers of the wind brush the hair from my face
You know I always hated it to be out of place
In the eyes of the sun, I see your smile
Brightening our paths to go another mile
Then in the shadow of dreams I hold my pillow to me
and hear you whisper "All in time, one day you too will be free..."

and finally...
My 10 favorite sounds:
  1. My husband's laughter
  2. Thunderstorms / Rain
  3. My favorite music
  4. Voices of my Loved Ones
  5. All the frogs at night
  6. Crickets too (evening sounds)
  7. Songs of Birds
  8. Wind in the trees
  9. Noises horses make
  10. Complete Silence
I don't wanna ruin this stuff with too many more words, but I hope you enjoyed my little self-meme list of tens... Just something to do, and I enjoy lists.

Hope you're all doing well, and I'll pop in when I can. If you leave me a comment and say hello, I would appreciate it and you would help me remember who to pop in and visit. It's so hard to keep up with everyone. If you're reading this, leave a note even if you're anonymous. Just to let me know you were here. Love to you! -AJ (a.k.a. Jaxxx, a.k.a. Jackie)


Jay said...

What? No dogs playing pool? haha

Great poem. I wish I could write poetry.

furiousBall said...

#1 and #10 on the moments of life got me.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Jay, I love writing. :)

Dogs Playing Pool! hahaha!! I do like the painting, but it just didn't fall in my ten, but it's in there somewhere. Yeppers.

Furious, you Daddys will never know how much you mean to your little girls. Every moment is precious.

Oh hey I just realized that my #2 was about #2 hahaha! Sort of. That was funny.

Furtheron said...

neat lists...

still here still reading... :-)

BBC said...

I don't think much of memes and lists expected of me so seldom do them. But for a list of ten I guess I could repeat 'camping' ten times.

You're not missing much if you don't get to my blogs, I've not been posting much. I'm trying to break myself of blogging and visiting blogs so I have more time for inventing.