Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Burn

Geezuz it was hotter than High Noon in Death Valley today!

Still trying to get things finished up for my contributions to Meggy's FABA (For Artists By Artists) event this weekend. With my procrastinating nature, and lack of time I am struggling but I will prevail, miraculously at the last moments. :)

The weekend passed off way too fast. I did get some motorcycle riding in, and visited my Mom. We watched a few movies, to include "The Slammin Salmon" (a comedy, I recommend it, pretty funny). Then for our Sunday supper, we made Vegetable Chili with Mexican Cornbread (it was a Mr. J and AJ combined effort, Kudos to Mr. J on doing the Chili!). Nice when you can work together and enjoy doing things.

A busy week coming up, so hopefully I'll get through unscathed.

As far as updates or any new interesting events, I don't have anything to report right this moment, but I am working and things are all a-brew... Will of course blog anytime something exciting happens and as my friend Kim says, "You never know what a day might bring." It's true, and we have to put a little effort on our own part for opportunity and to get things done, because it's not just going to fall into our laps, we have to work towards our goals, and take advantage of the things we have and chances we're given. Where that came from, I don't know... I just blab what comes into my silly head. Don't shoot the messenger.

Ok, well that about wraps up my loco Sunday update, I just thought I would pop in and babble for a few and I have done that.

I'll now leave you with an interesting photo to ponder...

Stupidity?? Or Genius?
(I vote stupidity for the person who's car it is and genius for the one who comes along and locks the brainiac inside it Muuhaha!)

Question Time with AJ.

Q: If you were to publish a book about yourself, what will you title it?
A. That's a toughy... "Barefoot In The Grass" or maybe "Valleys and Peaks", I dunno... I do want to write one sometime though. I'm going to.

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Have a great week!


Shanel said...

That car lock is just PLAIN stupid but makes a cool photo:)

furiousBall said...

well, that's just in case the racoon gets your remote key unlocker thing

Jay said...

That is a serious redneck car.

Vegetable chili isn't really chili. ;-)

But, I love Mexican cornbread. I love just about Mexican everything. though.

BBC said...

Geezuz it was hotter than High Noon in Death Valley today!

Ah shut the fuck up, I don't wanna hear it when it's still in the 50's here. Lets swap places for a few weeks.

Q: If you were to publish a book about yourself, what will you title it?


Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Then Piss off Chimp.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Oh sorry you were offering your book title up, not cussing me out. Oh well, Piss off anyway I had a long day :))

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, My mexican corn bread turned out really good, and the Chili was good too, but I am inclined to agree with what you say haha.