Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, My B.F.F. & Shootout

This morning when I Facebooked about Friday in my status message about 'Friday being in the house', one of my favorite blog pals, Angie (No More Empty Fortune Cookies) said that Friday was her B.F.F., and it got me to thinking, ME TOO!! For those of us who are corporate 'slaves to the man', workin the 8 or 9 - 5 all week long, Friday feels that way. No better day of the week (well, once you actually get off work that is). This is the time that all of you independent people, who've broken away from the time clock can insert a gloating remark such as "Friday means nothing to me, I am on my own schedule." Well, good for you. Revel in the fact that we're all jealous of you.

Also, I realize that there are others who are not as fortunate as us MF'rs (Monday - Friday'ers, what were YOU thinking?!). Yes we too can feel as though others only aspire to our cubicle-hell greatness... these would be restaurant workers, retail workers, truckers or just any other profession that doesn't end at 5 O'Clock Friday. We understand, and feel your pain. Hey, I've been there too.

My proclamation is, of course that I would like to eventually sustain myself financially with the skills and talents that I really love, which would be my artistic and creative endeavors. I'm working on that... I'm gonna get it all together, I've been feeling urged to get moving. After all, there's no special season to apply yourself and improve your life, you're the only one who can make those changes and do something with yourself. No excuse in the world merits saying, "Oh, I am going to but have to wait until {fill in the blank}"... nothing! So I am about to go global... I'll keep you posted ;)

Till then Friday is still Angie's B.F.F. and mine and probably yours too.

Also, please see Help Rebuild Nashville link from Angie's page.

Nashville Will Thank you!

I thought about tweeting the following news item, but since my blog is hooked up in such a way that it 'auto-tweets' my posts-Geez, social networking has taken over my life hasn't it? wtf! I don't have to worry.

This tidbit was shared with me by my V.B.B.F.F. (Very Best Best Friend Forever, had to make that distinction so Friday would understand), Tamra. If you've been reading me for a while, you should be familiar with Tamra, she's my blond bombshell partner in crime.

Anyroad, it appears that Yesterday(West Memphis, AR 5/20/2010) there was this big Shootout in West Memphis that killed two police officers and wounded two more. At this point they did not know all of the details, or were not sharing certain details, but the article linked above was able to provide more today.

Here are a few of the details:
  • Initial police broadcasts identified the van the two men responsible were traveling in as belonging to a church in southern Ohio. The news 'On Your Side' investigators learned the church had a controversial history including ties to white supremacy. (Well, there you go... two negative marks against them already.)

  • That white minivan now sits rammed and riddled with bullets.The two men inside were shot and killed during a gun battle with police. (Good news, eh?)

  • Today's new details reveal that the two people in the white van have been identified as Jerry Kane, 45, of Ohio and his 16-year-old son, Joseph. (Good Job Dad!!! You're another reason that I promote sterilization to stupid people so you don't breed and make useless carbon copies of those like yourself.)
Like I said, you can read it all at the link above, but it's just another impressive waste of human flesh causing otherwise innocent bystanders and their families unwanted tragedy. Don't you just get sick of idiots and all the bad news? It's just sad... If these people were the "True Christians" that they claim to be, and were really following the supposed examples of "Love, Peace and Understanding" of their brethren, they would do us all a favor and just turn the guns on themselves before leaving the house to 'do their Christian duty'. Then they could just stamp out the stupidity and be done for the day.

Now I don't want to spend the rest of my Friday in a bad mood, so I must try and reverse the negativity of something senseless and horrible like that. Hmmm, how could this be accomplished?? It's gonna take something really strong, really big... I know!! MIDGETS! Not just any midgets, this is gonna require Midgets dressed up like the band KISS, singing "Rock and Roll All Night". Yes, an all-midget KISS Tribute band called "Mini Kiss". You can thank me later.

Mini Kiss singing on Jimmy Kimmel Rock It Boys!

If you'll notice at the end, Kimmel thanks his guests, and one of them is John Stamos, who is (as reported by Howard Stern) deathly afraid of Midgets. With that knowledge, I had to laugh. I bet the Kiss Midgets scared the crap out of him.

Until next time, this is AJ wishing you a Rockin Little Weekend!

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