Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Won't Give Me Time

Generally, I am quite a heavy sleeper. Last night, however, I awoke to the sounds of a violent thunderstorm. As I listened to the thunderous clatter, and noticed the flashes of lightening, I took advantage of the moment and turned over to a more comfortable position.

Though I realize the power of nature, for some reason I love thunderstorms. I could sleep for days in a good one. So, as you can imagine it wasn't long before my deep-seated slumber returned.

When I walked outside this morning to leave for work, the sky was clear but the evidence of heavy rains and winds was apparent. I dreaded letting the dogs out because I could foresee that in a matter of seconds, the German Shepherd at least would be a complete mud ball.

That's the breaks I suppose.

So it's been a bit of a busy week at work, and a lot of thoughts and confusion abound, but I always find time to escape "within" and relax, whether it is sitting at the park during my lunch hour and meditating, or just getting away from my desk at least. I find solace in my music and companionship everywhere with my friends, guides, soul mates (don't we have more than we realize!)

Keeps me off the ledge! :) I jest... I love being a little mad, but I at least can admit and realize it, so does that make me less loco?

Here I am this afternoon plugged into my playlist (the one you can see on the left down there near the bottom on my blog). I change the songs around sometimes, or maybe add a few tunes I have been dying to hear. When I am working on my PC it is convenient because I can just plug in my headphones and close myself off to the outside world (well, mostly).

This weekend, don't forget it's time to "Spring Forward" with Daylight Savings Time. I can hardly believe it's that time, and of course I don't take kindly to losing an hour of sleep... but think of it this way, I get a little extra daylight to enjoy riding my bike.

"Saving Daylight"

See?? There is some sort of blessing in every inconvenience, some sort of gift with every loss... Something good about everything. It's all in how we look at the situation.

Think more positive with me, I'm trying to.

Just waiting for my change...



Four Dinners said...

Thuderstorms in bed? Love it!!!...well only if I've just gone to bed or I'll miss it.

I actually slept through the great storms I think...over here.

Carol woke up and watched trees flying past the window interspersed with roof tile, garden sheds and the occasional wild animal.

My reaction?


When I sleep, I SLEEP!!!

Jay said...

I love storms too. We had storms roll through last night, but they were gone too early. I find them very soothing and can go to sleep easily when it's thundering a raining.

Furtheron said...

We have an extra two weeks over here before day light savings kicks in.... I'll be thinking of you as I still lie in bed :-)

Secretia said...

This is very uplifting, Jackie, thanks for it!

I am always tired for a few days when we lose the hour of sleep.
But the extra daylight will be welcomed.


furiousBall said...

storms and rain do it for me too. i grew up sailing and there is nothing like sleeping on a sailboat in a gentle rain. the water sloshing against the hull and the rain on the water is pure white noise nirvana

Margo said...

Hi Jackie! I also love thunderstorms - I've never really understood it but they manage to be both exciting and comforting. I'm also looking forward to "spring ahead." the only thing is I'm at a hotel this weekend and I think they should make check out time later!Sorry I haven't been around lately - I'm starting a new blog and I'm busy - but in a good way and just trying to figure it all out. I love that picture of saving daylight! bye! xoxoxo

BBC said...

I guess what I'm mostly waiting for is my next camping trip. The time change just irritates me, I wish they would knock it off.

Split the difference, spring forward a half hour this year and then just drop the whole mess.

I don't mind a good storm when camping, at home my place is so quite that I seldom notice one. Well, we don't get thunder here for some reason.

BBC said...

So an Irishman walks out of a bar.
Really, it does happen.