Monday, March 08, 2010

Ride Into Spring

The weekend weather was just about perfect, all sunny, just a few illuminated clouds, temperatures in the mid-60s. I can't think of anything negative to say other than there was not enough of it as usual.

Since the temperatures were so nice, I of course requested the escort of my esteemed bike, "Jimi", and we took a few scenic routes. Most of my readers have heard me mention before, but I will say once again that it was as if I cranked my bike, rode out off my street and went through a "Bob Ross Painting", out the other side and beyond. I describe it that way because when you're on the back of a bike, neck-deep in the serenity of well traveled back roads it seems sometimes that it's all done in oil on canvas, and that you can nearly see the brush stroke of God himself. At least that's how I see the beauty of the universe that surrounds me.

Now that the winter is dripping from the rooftops and windshields of America, I thought to myself this morning that I might be smelling the last few intoxicating and delectable whiffs of smoke from neighborhood chimneys and throughout the countryside. Since the buttercups are waking up from their frosty slumber too, spring seems finally possible. Once again, new beginnings and rebirth abound.

As far as color is concerned, each season has its own lovely hues to boast of, so I've nothing to miss since there will be plenty of color bouncing forth in blooming abandon. Even the smoke of winter has a cousin who vacations down south in the warmer months called 'Barbecue', so he's just as delightful if not more in some ways.

Yes it's nearly that time once again here in Memphis, time to worship the mud, mosquitoes, music, warmth and the cuisine that brings visitors from all over. Well, not the mosquitoes mind you, but most of the others. If you happen to pass through, be careful of them. Though easily mistaken for it, they are not the Tennessee state bird, contrary to the rumors you may have heard.

Here's to a beautiful new season, and my best wishes to all of you (my dear readers) as you begin or continue your journey forth. Perhaps you will discover new roads you hadn't noticed before. Simply be reminded "Wherever you look, there's something to see."


Aunt Jackie


Christine Macdonald said...

Very well said, my friend. I can smell the flowers already. Here's to Spring is right. :)

Four Dinners said...

Now let me get this straight.

You and THE MAN are coming to Ann Arbor in August. Correct?

You and THE MAN think me and Sime are going to get on the back of one of those things and go for a ride. Correct?

Sime! I can't go mate! We're going to the land of loonies!

hehehhe....please let me have one large voddy first...;-)

Jay said...

It was a beautiful weekend here. I don't have a Jimi, but I did open the sunroof on the car while driving around. It got stuck. But, I did finally get it to close. ;-)

BBC said...

Some of the best biking I ever enjoyed was touring old route 66 in Arizona. I haven't done much of it since moving here.

Maybe I'll do some this summer though, or sell the scooter.

Nothingman said...

Man, that's one sexy bike.


And a great pic and every word is awesome :D

Rock on AJ!


Furtheron said...

beautifully said.

This week the weather has been very spring like - lovely blue skies, hazy sunshine etc. Lovely... except - it's still perishingly cold over here! I mean scrape off the windscreen cold in the mornings... oh hang it wasn't today but that's the first one at 6am above freezing and it just isn't warming up yet.

Shame it is lovely apart from that.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful new season, the flowers, the leaves, the blooming. I love spring.


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