Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Can I Dance With Madness?

People of the world, and especially our roads and interstates, never cease to piss me off. I was just noticing today as I made my usual way to work that it seems like people still love to dart out in front of people just so they can slow down to a creepy-crawl and annoy the hell out of someone that they spot who they think is in a serious hurry.

Well I am glad they have so much time on their hands to terrorize their fellow man.

These of course being some of the same pinheads that speed up just to keep you from getting over, or they jump in front of you in the tiny bit of space that you had given yourself to ensure safe distance from the other car, and then immediately turn or jump off the interstate. They were TURNING. Why on earth was it absolutely mandatory that they be in front of me to do this?

Then there is just the general everyday army of stunt people racing at breakneck speeds to get to their destinations. Believe me I don't care, just speed on. It's your ticket and I'm not in that big a hurry to get where I am going.

Then just today, I noticed something else.

The idiots who turn their blinker on to go, say... Left but they merge or turn right. Wobbling along was this genius who had their left signal on, at least a mile or so, then as I decided to pass them they immediately merged in the opposite direction and got off the interstate.

Where are people's brains? What are they thinking about?

Once more, anytime I decide to try to be cordial to any other driver, they don't want it. They'll jump in front of me, cut me off, act like they're going to slide over on top of my car and can't even see that I exist, but if they have their blinker on as if they want over and I give them space and flash lights to indicate I am graciously allowing them to merge, they want no part of it. They decide to go straight.

WTF? I just want to clobber them sometimes... everyone. Every day something more irritating.

In brighter news, I am enjoying my new fitness classes pretty well. I'm forcing myself to go so I don't feel like crap about not going (you know how you can do yourself sometimes).

First off is "Zumba". Zumba class loosely resembles working out, but much more seems like Dance class. It is alot of latin, middle east beat fused with a bit of African here or there. The instructor I've been going to uses a lot of different music, most of which is Latin-based beats, so I like that a lot. Now, I do not claim to be any sort of a dance professional. In fact, I can't keep up with a lot of the moves so far, but I am just moving a long and trying to learn them. In the meantime, I am getting a pretty nice workout.

The other class I tried so far was Les Mills "BodyFlow", which is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, lots of stretching, core work and relaxation at the end. I think this one is good for my stress levels.

At any rate, we shall see... can I drop some pounds and inches (much needed ones at that)? I certainly hope so because I am getting really tired of feeling like such a cow and I just want to feel good and healthy again. Bring on the Joy.

No photos today. Use your imagination, I know you all have a fantastic one... and I will see you guys around, I am trying to get around and catch up with all of your blogs and updates. Hope you're all well!

Oh yeah, before I leave forgot to tell you guys to check out this band called "Rock Sugar", they do some very interesting Mash-ups between classic rock and metal songs and some pop. Sound odd, but you gotta listen for yourself. I dig it.

Click To Check Out Rock Sugar!


Fortune Cookies said...

congrats to you for sticking with the work out class. I never do. I can stick to a walking schedule, and I have enjoyed the yoga dvds the wifester's mom gave me...but that about summs it up. In fact, my Wii fit keeps yelling at me for not sticking to the schedule.

Four Dinners said...

'it seems like people still love to dart out in front of people'

Uh? How come? I haven't qualified to teach them yet!...;-)

Fitness classes? Oh dear. That's excercise in't it.

I have no faith. I'm a heathen..;-)

Jay said...

Yeah, I pretty much need to lie down and take a nap at just the thought of those classes. ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Ang, I haven't tried Wii fit even though I have a Wii. I'm pretty much competing with my husband and he is in it hardcore now. Men make me sick they lose way faster than we do.

Dinners, I still can't believe you have taught anyone to drive.
I can't wait for you to visit here! I am sorry to have to inform you I do most of the driving in this family, and you don't know until you ride with a Truck Driver's daughter who's been behind the wheel since she was 2 years old :)

Jay, Come on and dance with meeee :)

furiousBall said...

whoa... is that an Iron Maiden reference?

Aunt Jackie said...

Why yes it IS an Iron Maiden Reference. :)

Cool of you to notice... of course being a musician, it's natural.

I'm very eclectic, but mostly a rock and metal head.

SylphSong said...

A Zumba place just opened across the street from our house. I was wondering what that was! Gabby and I are starting Belly dancing classes in April - we've got 'em, may as well flaunt 'em. ;)

Good on you for sticking to your routine Jaxxx.