Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This, That or The Other

How about a few 'down to earth' type updates, just the daily 411. The changes in the weather seem to have taken their toll on my sinuses today, I've been trying to keep it clear to no avail. Hopefully that's all it is, a few minor sinus problems rearing their ugly heads :) Other than that, I've just been really busy at work and trying to stay afloat in the other areas of my life, trying to stay motivated enough to maintain some semblance of a workout schedule. Then of course Taxes have been a major pain again this year, but hopefully that will resolve o.k. Just gotta do what we gotta do sometimes.

I still try to find a few minutes each day to enjoy some relaxing quiet time, to stay grounded and relieve some of the stress.

Last night we made eggplant Parmesan (healthy version). What I mean by that is that we try to put better ingredients in it and watch the sodium content. You have to look for hidden evils in the stupid ingredient lists sometimes on food, like "modified wheat flour" - basically equals MSG, and anything Hydrogenated equals trans fat, and of course the high fructose corn syrup... They put some sneaky stuff in there sometimes. The only way to get free of the rotten game is to "grow your own". That would be nice, I guess but some of us are not lucky enough to have a 'green thumb' or the time that it takes to do everything yourself. It would be fantastic, believe me I wish I was that way... But I can't do it all.

Looking back, I believe my parents could always do anything, they had a garden, Mom can sew anything and quilt and all, Dad was able to do anything in the world with his two wise hands, build shelves, machinery, do auto work, fix things... but I'm just ME... and that's very limited. What will I do in an emergency or if I ever needed to? I just think of that sometimes. None of us are perfect I know, and I tend to overthink things sometimes.

Musically, and memory-wise I have been slipping back in time again, wishing for simple sweet days when I felt safe and knew everything was going to be alright. It's hard to hang on to that as an adult sometimes. I miss my Daddy, I wish I could call him up on the phone and just talk to him and hear his voice. It never gets easier, it might numb for a few days, or weeks, but something always reminds us and the scab gets scratched off and we bleed a little more. Blood, sweat, tears... and then back to music huh. ;)

So today I have been remembering a movie that Billy Crystal produced entitled "*61" about the 1961 New York Yankees season wherein Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle both vied for the Babe Ruth Record. I have included part 1 below, and if you ever feel like a good 'baseball movie' then watch it.

I think Billy Crystal did a good job with the film. I guess in some small way the baseball history reminds me of Dad too, even though he wasn't a player, and not a huge fan, I think of the St. Louis Cardinals... Daddy was from Missouri, and we spent some time visiting St. Louis with family when we could. We have some good memories... It all ties together somehow I suppose... it just does.

That's about it for me today, just a few misty words and silly reminders. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the rest of your week! -AJ


BBC said...

Last night we made eggplant Parmesan (healthy version).

No shit? I don't sweat what others think is healthy for me and just eat what I want to eat, just not much of it.

Ily said...

I'm getting all the daddy time in I can while he's still with me.

Hugs to you!