Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soothe Me

It's not exactly sunny around here today, and it's not exactly raining either. However, since I am a fan of rain sounds as well as relaxation and meditation, I thought I would share this. Do yourself a favor and take 6 1/2 minutes to just soothe your soul. Bet it helps (either that or makes you need to pee).

Just try it. Close your eyes and listen.

Click Here If Video Doesn't Load

More later when I, myself feel more relaxed. :)


Jay said...

One of my favorite things about spring around here is the nighttime storms. They're so relaxing.

As long as there aren't any tornadoes, of course.

furiousBall said...

nice, i digged that

Nothingman said...

Rains are good on weekends when I don't have to go anywhere. Weekdays, I abhor rains :|

Oh well :)


BBC said...

The weather comes in waves here in March. Maybe it will rain six times in one day but in between them it's like spring. Sometimes the winds kick up but they mostly jump over my neighborhood.

The area I'm going camping in this weekend may or may not be too wet for me to get to the campsite I have in mind but that's okay, I can just camp in a lower elevation.

But I'm spending the first night out behind the Seven Cedars Casino, ha ha ha ha

Indigo said...

I love to lie in bed listening to a good thunder storm, brings my energy's back down to earth. I hate being out in a thunderstorm, but love dancing in the summer heat of a fast down pour .. fully clothed!!

Indi x