Sunday, March 21, 2010

They Write The Songs

As I was sitting here feeling like writing something but not quite sure where to start, I came up with a little idea. I thought that I would go to my My Playlist, the one entitled "Jaxxx's Boombox" (it's actually on the blog way down, bottom left if you ever feel like jamming it). My idea was just to hit "random" and do an explanation of ten of the songs and why they exist on my playlist. This has the potential to drum up some memories or interesting stories.

I'm totally going to play it fair and really do the first 10 randoms that pop up, so it may or may not prove interesting, I am going to roll the dice and see what we get though.

This isn't a "Meme" at all, but if you want to do something similar, why not. It could give you a creative spurt or bring back some interesting memories for you. Go for it.

Ten Random Songs on Jaxxx's Boombox and Why!

1. Drop Dead Legs - Van Halen

This song takes me way, way back. Although it is not a very interesting story, it was a "feel good song" for me. I remember hanging out at the Good Ol' Mall Of Memphis way before it was demolished of course, hearing it blaring out from the Ice Chalet. That moment was suspended in my memory. When I hear "Drop Dead Legs", I just rewind for a few minutes and feel that slight chill once again, as if I was sitting at the food court overlooking the ice skaters, or a spring day on campus when I might blare the song in my car and just breathe deep and sigh.

2. Thuggish Ruggish Bone - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

There was a CD I had back in the mid-late 90s that had a variety of R&B Hip Hop favorites on it. One of those songs was "Thuggish Ruggish Bone". I liked the groove, I like the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and it just brings back some good memories for me having countless cups of coffee at the Truck Stop in the middle of the night, then going for breakfast at the Casino... of fun friends like Kenneth (one of the coffee friends). He liked me, wanted to go out with me. So for our first "date" I forced him to go see "To Wong Foo", which if you remember was one of those movies that a straight man might cringe through. However, he was a trooper and made it through, only saying a comment or two like "If they kiss I'mma get sick!!!" Good times. Good times. I did Kenneth wrong, I sort of had him in the friend zone, but still I was conflicted and from time to time I would hook up with him. He was a really good guy. Kenneth, I'm sorry for taking your friendship and your admiration for granted. You didn't deserve it.

3. Bomber - Motorhead

Come on kids... it's Motorhead! It really needs no further explanation. First you just have to love the name Motorhead, and secondly they're one of the most rockin bands ever.

Who remembers this gem?

[Chazz and Rex are testing Chris]
Chazz: Who'd win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?
Chris Moore: Lemmy.
[Rex imitates a game show buzzer]
Chris Moore: ... God?
Rex: Wrong, dickhead, trick question. Lemmy *IS* God.

Bomber is just one of those songs that makes you wanna drive fast and do dangerous things. Besides a band that comes on stage and just says "We are Motörhead and we're gonna kick your ass!!" is Rock and Roll forever to me.

4. Clouds - Chaka Khan

For one, I Lovvvee Chaka Khan-Hey I always told you I was extremely eclectic. Further, I loved this song since I was a teenager and would go out on the front porch of my childhood home (Mom and Dad's house), and play my music while I lay out on the lawn on a quilt watching clouds, sunbathing, and trying my hand at getting tan. The tanning never quite worked out for me, but I gained a great appreciation for Clouds (the song AND the real deal), and even today nothing quite marvels me like watching clouds roll by on a beautiful warm day, finding treasures and mysteries lost for ages in those mysterious magical creatures. Roll on.

5. Dead Flowers - Towns Van Zandt

This is a simple one. I chose this version because I am an absolute lover of a little movie we all know as "The Big Lebowski". If you are not familiar with this movie then I assume you are totally out of your element, and don't even know what it means to abide. Do yourself a favor and rent or BUY it for your collection NOW.

Although Dead Flowers is a Rolling Stones song (written by Jagger and Richards), and one I love very much, I have a partiality to the Van Zandt version because it is part of the phenomenon that IS the Big Lebowski. That movie, while not only one of the funniest I have ever seen, holds a special place in my heart as well because my Husband and I used to fall asleep to it almost every night for a long time.
Well when you're sitting there in your silk upholstered chair
Talking to some rich folk that you know
Well I hope you won't see me in my ragged company
Cause you know I could never be alone

Take me down little Susie, take me down
I know you think you're the queen of the underground
And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the mail
Send me dead flowers to my wedding And
I won't forget to put roses on your grave
6. Vicious - Lou Reed

Lou Reed is one of my favorite New York Musicians and I admire him for many reasons. To me, he is one of those great song writers. As well, I am also an artist and since he was affiliated with Andy Warhol, hey bonus. This song actually was influenced a lot by Andy Warhol, so it's the best of both worlds. I like the sound, the beat and the general viciousness of it all. ;)

7. Piece of My Love - Guy

Ooh this one digs in a little deep. "Piece of My Love" by Guy (some of the 'guys' who went on to form "Blackstreet") is special to me because it is one of those make-out songs from my Time With Z (a.k.a. Butterflies, Zebras Moonbeams). We had a lot of special songs together, and each one of them has the capacity to bring back those warm feelings and memories... that lost electric fire. Things like that never quite fade completely. When I think of all the wonderful feelings I have experienced through music and the souls I have shared love and laughter with, I am a very lucky woman. That one's for you Z.

8. Boys of Summer - Don Henley

This one is from the dusty archives too. I remember listening to it as I was getting ready for the first day of school after summer break. The chords in this song, the words, the mood- just gives me a fuzzy, dreamy feeling that honestly brings a little melancholy tear just from hearing it. I never get tired of the song, and it always makes me picture riding to a lake, seeing sunsets, and feeling the electric infatuation of youth. My love for this song truly will be strong after the boys of summer are long gone... Thanks Don! :)

9. Kiss My Ass Goodbye - 7 Year Bitch

7 Year Bitch was one of the coolest girl bands ever, one of my favorites. I have this song in my list because my best friend Tamra and I used to blare this band, as well as L7, White Zombie, and many other hardcore and rockin tunes to our fun-filled trips to the mall, out to eat, and to all of our wild and wondrous adventures. The song quite frankly is one of my only ways of "being near" my best friend that I never get to see, and miss so very much. That one's for Tamra!

10. Alive and Kicking - Simple Minds

Three things: Eighties, John Hughes Films and Youthful Innocence. Anytime I hear this song I want to go pull out my Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club movies and just veg out with cocoa and I also want to hang out with my Sister, Vickie who's house was usually the place I watched all of these. I miss the good old days very much. Those songs don't help matters. ha-ha.

Ok, that wraps up the random 10 from my boombox. It was so much fun doing it--I might have to put up a sequel. Hell, I have plenty of songs to go through, so stay tuned!


Furtheron said...

I've seen Motorhead more than any other band - except Marillion probably.

Simple Minds... now where is that live album I had 20 years ago I loved?....

Thanks off thinking now

furiousBall said...

neat mix of tunes here. especially appreciate the old school, non-hagar Van Halen inclusion :)

Anonymous said...

Boys of Summer and Dead Flowers-great songs!

Jay said...

There was this girl in high school named Carmela. She had the longest, most luscious legs EVER! We used to play "Drop Dead Legs" on our boomboxes when she got on the bus or when we saw her anywhere. LOL .. Good times. God I loved that girl. She hated me though. Oh well.

Also, Hulu took "The Big Lebowski" off their site. Very disappointed in them for that. I guess they did it when Jeff Bridges started getting buzz for the Oscars and the studio thought they could sell more DVD's.

Anyway, very cool list! I like a lot of those songs too.