Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Year, One More Day

My feelings for the last few days leading up to today, January 14th, I feel are probably just because today marks One Year of the passing of my wonderful Dad who is so loved and so missed.

Still can't believe he's not here.

Since I've posted a lot of thoughts and memories, and songs already that remind me of him, I will just dedicate today's short post in his remembrance, and ask him to please know how much he is physically missed on this Earth, and to keep on looking out for all of us. We can use as much guidance as possible.

Mom pictured above in one of my favorite
photos with Daddy (8/29/27 - 1/14/09)

Jack Cutler, our "Daddy" was one of a kind. They just don't make em' like him anymore. We miss and love him always.

This is for you, Daddy... We all wish we could have One More Day (Diamond Rio)

Feel free to check out some of my latest posts. Your readership and comments are always appreciated. I look forward to the few I get. And still if you haven't seen the Memories of Daddy Playlist, check it out (if you like old fashioned and/or country type music).

So keep my family in your thoughts around this time of the year, and once this is over, I promise it's back to my rock and punk roots. ;)


Four Dinners said...

"You live you die...the bit in between is called life...Enjoy"

I suspect he did.

'Specially with you for a daughter.

Don't be sad.

Celebrate his life.

I reckon he'd like that


Jay said...

That first year is really hard. YOu keep thinking you're moving on and then there are setbacks. It's perfectly normal.

Chelly said...

Saying a prayer for you and your beloved daddy. xoxo

Furtheron said...

Simple tribute. You never forget life just changes

Gregorio Martino said...

My father died this time of year as well and it is always difficult for me. It sounds like our dads were a lot alike.

Joshua said...

I that is a great shirt he has on.

kcinnova said...

That song always makes me cry.
I know it has been a tough year for you, and I can only hope that this next year is less raw ... and that your heart is filled with peace.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Big hugs from SpeedyCat