Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cross Words From Me

Lately I've noticed the number of people reading and relaxing while on the machines at the gym has increased. I'm not sure whether this is due to it being too early in the morning for me, so these things get on my nerves worse, or people are just relaxing more while trying to raise their heart rate.

One man in particular, albeit a senior citizen, enjoys riding the recumbent bike while working his daily crossword puzzle. Meanwhile, as I sweat profusely behind him, seething, wondering how is he even working up a sweat? It takes all I have just to work out and fiddle with my playlist and grab an occasional drink of water.

Is it just me? What's the deal with these people? It's not against gym policy by any means, but it is certainly something that has gotten under my skin a bit. I mean, why don't we get you a blanket and a pillow and some hot cocoa while we're at it?

If you happen to be one of these reading/crossword puzzle working workout gems, feel free to set me straight. I would love to understand how it's possible to concentrate or read any articles with ease, or write while doing cardio... I'm not closed minded.

While you're at it, take all of the loud conversations to the locker room too. That is, unless you can figure out what "Inside Voice" means.

End of rant... I guess.


Nothingman said...

I don't even go to gym! But i can relate...some people just don't put their heart in exercise, not good!

I like your choice of pics :D

Rock on!


Four Dinners said...

Gym? Excercise? Workouts?...

Oh dear...I'm in a sweat just thinking about it...;-) there a bar?

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Nothingman. :)

I made the crossword one myself...

LOL Dinners!!!

Jay said...

I don't know how they do it. When I'm on any of those machines I'm too busy concentrating on the fact that I'm about to die. ;-)

Furtheron said...

I have fixed all these issues.... I cancelled my gym membership :-) It had become more a donation which reduced all the other members contributions rather than something I got any value from anyway.

Anonymous said...

Gyms are for working out, the bookstore is for reading and resting.