Monday, November 02, 2009

Sweet November

Halloween came and went so fast, and I find myself here at the face of November wondering what I have really accomplished in 2009. It hasn't been that much, not that I am able to really scratch together on paper right at this moment. I am going to have to take stock and see where I am, gather my thoughts and start looking at the upcoming holiday season.

This is going to be so very surreal, the first Thanksgiving and Christmas ever without Daddy. It's something we have to do, and learn to get through it and continue moving, always moving.

We went to a show of a friend of ours, his band is called "The Vynals". They play a lot of 60s music, and he has always supported our band so we try to support his when we can. It was pretty fun. Most everyone wore costume, myself included, and there were some characters at the gig. I'll have to blog about in more depth and post a few pics. Just don't have much time right at the moment. Another week looms ahead, got so much to do.

Aside from the gig, we were around the house and Mr. J was deeply immersed in a game of "Super Paper Mario", he played it most all weekend. I just did my own thing, and relaxed, etc. It was all-in-all an o.k. weekend.

November... so we meet again.

The leaves have certainly taken drastic turns in the last couple of weeks, I have been watching them with a keen artists eye. I do so need to hit the canvas, but I can never find sufficient motivation, space or solitude. I need my own art studio so badly. Why am I not more motivated and resourceful??

Everyone else around me always seems to have their head on straight and always be able to do the things that they want, need to do or enjoy doing. What is wrong with me? Why did this 'gene' seem to escape me? Where the bleep is my mind??

Even so, I find myself captivated by the beauty of the season, the chill in the air and everything about fall and winter except for the time change. I mean the extra hour was cool, but the getting dark earlier seems to just be depressing me mostly.

Oh Fall...
bringer of winter,
and Death's maiden,
kiss me
on the cheek
as you and
your brilliant leaves
brush by to say
their goodbyes.
Here comes the hurt,
here comes the cold.
On play the memories
over and over
in my head,
like an old
movie reel
from long ago.


Four Dinners said...

November 5th always meant banger wars!!! Hoe the hell we never got hurt is a mystery.

Wearing my poppy with pride!

Jay said...

I don't think I'm ready for November. Could we put it off for another week?

BBC said...

I never set out this year to accomplish much over than to do all the camping I could, and I did okay at that.

And the cheap 5th wheel sure showed up at a good time, it will be real comfy camping in it this winter.

My goals for next year? More camping, some more tinkering and inventing.