Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spam and Eggs

Spam annoys me so much. It's everywhere, some places we can't do anything about it, and some we can. I love visitors to my blog, and I indeed adore comments, but I am not desperate enough for comments that I let the "Spam" ones pass as legitimate luv to my page.
Therefore, I had to make changes to the security features and again enable the Word Verification feature. I regret having to do this because I try to make reading and visiting me easy and enjoyable, and most people hate the word verification feature, but I have had more than my fair share of idiotic spam comments lately, on old posts and the like so I am gonna try that for a while. Please bear with me.


Reb said...

If you are only getting them on old posts (as I am) you can set your moderation for posts older than X number of days. Of course, now that I have told you that, I will start getting them on new posts and will have to go the verification route too.

Furtheron said...

Spam spam spam spam - lovely spam, wonderful spam, spam spam etc.

Bloody Vikings!

Monty Python brilliance.... sorry what are we talking about?

BBC said...

In the years I've been blogging I've had very little spam, just lucky I guess.

I've never used word verification and only went to moderation cuz of a few trolls that wouldn't give up and go somewhere else.

I just couldn't insult them enough to get them to go away.