Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cleaning Bug

Those who know me well know that I am the worst housekeeper on Earth. It is strange because when I do start something, I am rather "OCD" about it, and will clean in pretty heavy detail.

The photo to the left could not be less like me. A Stepford wife I am not. In fact I have always been more like "one of the guys" who likes to have fun, play video games, and of course mostly just enjoy treats of a physical nature (safe way to say it right?) Sometimes, I wish I was the epitome of "Domestic Goddess", but then I think on the larger scale of all that is, it's a small and unimportant shred of talent that I missed out on.

Sometimes I do have my "moments"... like today.

I made great progress in the room I have been neglecting, but meaning to clean for a long time, I am proud of that. We'll see.

The rest of the weekend, Mr. J had been sick, he says with a sinus infection, I thought he probably had a cold. I got a little sniffly and spent the weekend with sinus irritation too, which might be one reason that I was prompted into a cleaning binge.

The weather has been gorgeous and I was going to ride my motorcycle a lot over the weekend but just didn't get to, or didn't get to it one or the other. I think that the time change and the fact that it is getting dark now before 5:30 in the afternoon is still bumming me out quite a bit. I love winter, but I hate the hours. It just kind of sucks driving home from work and it is dark already.

So that is my boring, uneventful, sad little "dirge" lol. I hope you enjoyed it.

I am sweaty, stinky and still have clothes to put up so I am back at it for a few. Mr. J has gone to grab us some Subway. I've worked up a bit of an appetite so I'm ready for that!

Have a good week ahead, whatever that means to you!

4 comments: said...

Great post hun! You reminded me of Shelleigh lol

BBC said...

I've been accused of wanting a Stepford wife, that is so untrue, they remind me of Martha %&#?@$ Stewart.

Well, maybe one that likes the sex part, but I don't like the house picture perfect, he he he.

I'm just not comfy in perfect places, I like a place that looks like it is lived and loved in, worn floors and all that.

I'll be the first to admit that I've become somewhat of a slob after over ten years of living alone.

Odd, that, when living with a woman I wasn't like that at all.

Jay said...

I need to win the lottery so I can have a household staff. Or it would be nice if I could at least afford a weekly housekeeper. I hate cleaning. I don't mind doing the laundry or dishes. But, the rest of the cleaning sucks.

Reb said...

Oh, I might give you a run for your money on the worst cleaner title there. I used to be such a good little Virgo and have everything in it place...dusty, but in it's place. Now, I have no places for anything and they are still all dusty. I do the OCD cleaning fits too.

As for the short daylight hours... we are so much farther north here, that we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Is it any wonder I am a night owl when unemployed?