Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy Me

Not only have I been busy with so much lately, and a lot going on at work, I have been a little lazy too. Just haven't felt enough energy to gather my thoughts and post.

There are so many things that go through my head on a daily basis, that I wish I could get it all into words, and post it. Perhaps I might entertain you guys then. But if I do not catch the thought and write it down or record it whenever it happens, later on the feeling or sentiment passes and it turns sour... not even worthy of blogging.

I don't know how that happens. The ideas seem really good at the time, and I jot down a note or two that I think will remind me of what I wanted to write about and later when I go back to it, I'll read and think to myself, "Geez, I don't really feel like finishing that."

To recap the last few days? Wow, I can't think of anything to make it sound interesting honestly.

Work. That sums it up pretty well, and then when I am not working, over the weekend I was at my Mother's, and taking care of business (TCB like 'Big E').

One interesting thing I guess is that lately I have noticed a lot of people calling me "pet names". These are not only people I know, but other people that I don't know, like fast food workers and wait staff. One night we went to Fox and Hound pub because Mr. J was fiending for a brewsky and I ordered the fish and chips. When the waitress brought out our order, she sat my plate down and said, "Here you go love bug."

At first, I thought I was hearing things. When she walked away I looked at Richie and said, "Did I just get called Love Bug?" Of course he thought this was the greatest thing ever for a waitress to call me these names. It didn't extend to just Love Bug, she also referred to me as "Sweety" a few times too. Other than that, I have heard Sweetheart, baby and the usuals.

Not sure what this little trend is all about... maybe it's my cologne. (scratches head)

While I was too busy to get to it, I totally wanted to blog about November 11 since I am obsessed with 11:11. Because basically, if you think of it there are 3 elevens involved: November is the 11th month, it was the 11th day, and our year, 2009 adds up to 11. Whadaya get?? "11-11-11" Yeah! So I was going to talk all about that and the 11:11 phenomenon, which still affects me greatly to this day but just didn't get to. I know a lot of people see different occurrences of this "synchronicity", some buy into the strangeness of it, some just shrug it off and others don't even notice. I notice... I think it's pretty interesting, and of course do not care if BBC thinks it's bullshit hahaha. (Because I just knew that was coming).

Anyway, it's Sunday night, and although there is another busy week ahead of work, I will be trying to chronicle more of my wisdom and insights and occurrences. I hope maybe I will be able to find the time.

Until then, enjoy my pictures below... I got this from this flash tool over at (Sp Studio). It was fun creating the "South Park" versions of Mr. J and Me.

The South Park Mr. J (complete with bald head, goatee, tattoos, a
Raisins shirt and no pants in front of the computer)

The South Park ME, looking as mean, wicked and vixenish as ever!!! :)

So there you go... Hope ya enjoyed! Wishing a safe and magical week to the dear few readers that I have left. ;-)


Four Dinners said...

Southpark AJ eh? mmmmm....nice!...;-)

Lazy? Course you are! You didn't tune into me!!!

My mic was too loud...I'll turn it down next Saturday

Chelly said...

Those South Park versions of you and Mr. J are way cool! ☺

Joshua said...

awwww love bug! Now that's cute!

I also haven't been posting much at all. I know the feeling.

Lil Red said...

I don't mind Sweety and Honey, but Baby or Love be called these things by a waitress is a bit nutty; however, I do enjoy it when a guy with a British accent calls me, "Love." It was my best memory of England.

BBC said...

Not only have I been busy with so much lately,


I'm going camping in the morning, try to relax some while I'm gone.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

FourD, Of course! hehe :)

Chells, Thanks. It was fun.

Googy, See if you like someone calling YOU Love Bug... ha.

Red, So glad to see you! Yes the British accent, or mainly any accent can sound Hawt!

BBC, I will try.