Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fair Share of Nightlife (WWC)

Ok I made it this week! To be fair, I will have to say that these were all taken from my Halloween 2009 collection, which are mainly taken from a gig we attended Saturday night for a 60s rock band we are friends with called, The Vynals. Craig and the gang do a bang-up job of some of the great 60s songs. Artists they cover include, "Paul Revere and the Raiders", "The Zombies", "The Beatles" and more! We enjoyed the gig quite a bit and I will just briefly cover a few event highlights in this week's "Weekly Words Challenge" brought to us by the lovely M.C. "Tink", now on Facebook.

I started out trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to be, and had a hard time settling on my costume. But I finally wimped out and went for the easy "Goth" look... As you can see here, I go right along with the nightlife as my undead-looking self.

I had my fun little self-portrait photo shoot, and then it was time to head out to see The Vynals play. Mr. J had been deeply rooted in an all-weekend long game of "Super Paper Mario Bros." on the Wii, but I peeled him off to get ready finally, and we were off.

There was a vast array of characters at the show, including the band, most of which dressed like "Paul Revere" and "Raiders" ;) The drummer, Craig just dressed up like a Hippy.

I guess the "cutest" costumes I saw were...

Dorothy and one of the Lollipop Kids

Father Dick is another story entirely...

Member of the "cloth", he had no trouble
whatsoever showing us his gospel

Father Dick shown here with his Slutty Taxi Driver Wife

Wayne and Garth even came out to 'Party On'

Mr. J shown here "FourDinners" and "Cappy" style...
He does love the nightlife.

However, he hates dressing up so here's what
he thinks of Halloween... lol

Party on the lot of you!!! Have a great week... AJ


Four Dinners said...

I'm with Mr J!!!! Gimme a few beers and I don't need to dress up....weird enough without...;-)

Jay said...

I'm just not very creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. I guess if I like Halloween I would spend a little more time coming up with one though.

Party on Jaxxx!

Scarlet said...

Next Halloween, I'm hanging out with YOU, Chica!! :)

Great pics! Father Dick is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

I was wanting to dress up as Sookie...complete with bite marks on my neck.LOL Anyway, you can get the whole Merlotte's waitress outfit off EBAY, but I just didn't have the strength/time/money to get it together....Maybe next year...Good pic Jaxxx. ;}

Furtheron said...

I'm with Mr J on the dressing up point!

Anonymous said...

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

LMAO - great photos