Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fur Balls and Dog Paws

The time has come for you to see how much "Dion" (Dionysus), my German Shepherd Puppy, has grown. He's made a lot of progress. He no longer looks starved, he's learning a lot, and he's getting to be such a handsome dog. He is going to be a big and gorgeous Shepherd. He just doesn't have anything to herd haha... well, except us.

All is going o.k. this week. The workload is still very hectic at work, but that's just the way it is going to be for a while. I just need to remind myself always to be happy that I have a job. Even though we screw things up for ourselves, and get all tangled up in too much, we need to try to simplify as much as we can, and make sure to take time to breathe, meditate and relax and enjoy the scenery on this rock.

It is amazing how comical people begin to look running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to beat each other to "nowhere", acting like rude assholes, cutting each other off at the pass, stressing out and freaking over stupid issues if you just take a step back and watch them, it's like you're in a peaceful, slow motion watching a ridiculous comedy. I wish they could see themselves.

Now, I am not saying that I'm not guilty of stressing out myself, I am! It's just that I do know how to get a handle on it, and I can take a deep breath and let it go when I need to. I can get things done and still at the end of the day say, "Whatever, none of this means anything in the big picture so I might as well chill out and enjoy... trusting that it is all in Divine Order." That's very true, no matter what our circumstances are, or what we are going through. You'll get through it and it is small potatoes in a HUGE pot roast. ;)

Oh my god, now see?? I have relaxed myself before I got the chance to bitch about the lady that annoyed me at Petco earlier. See, I was waiting in line to exchange dog collars for the right kind, and the lady was checking out right in front of me. She was one of those people who gets in front of the cart, gets her stuff out and leaves the cart behind. She finished up, and walked right off without even attempting to move the cart out of my way. I just found this to be extremely rude.

Even if it hadn't been her cart, she should've seen me as I inched the cart slowly towards her, thinking that she would take the hint and pull it out of my way on her way out (it would've hardly been any trouble for her). I rolled it forward, a little more, and I just kept thinking, 'Yeah, she's gonna realize and say she's sorry and just roll it back into the other carts as it is on her way out.' But it never happened. She took her bag (one small bag, it wasn't like she had her hands full) and just walked away. People are such apathetic, rude and thoughtless creatures.

I resisted the urge to slam the cart into her when she turned her back.

Another thing I have noticed is the number of abrasive jackasses who don't slow down and allow people to cross at Pedestrian cross-walks. What is the point? You are supposed to have the right-of-way and be able to cross a parking lot or street, but people just fly on through the parking lot at break-neck speeds. Even if you try to cross, it seems like they speed up in some morbid attempt to "plow you down" or at least make you think that. What gives??

Every day I find more and more reasons to dislike the human race and love my animals.

I mean, take a look at this cute guy! 'Course there are a couple of gratuitous shots of Mr. Rodney the Cat at the end.

Cats always have to have the last word! So the world turns.

If You Cannot View The Slideshow, Click Here.

Until next time...

*The animals shown in the above slideshow were all adopted or rescued. "Don't Breed Or Buy While Shelter Animals Die!" Rescue Your New Pet Today!


Four Dinners said...

hahahahaha!!! 'I'm surrounded by idiots' thoughts to purrfection!!

He is one handsome lad - the dog that is not Mr J...don't want him gettin the wrong idea!!...;-)

Not that Mr J isn't.....oh shut up Dinners...dig a hole and shut up!

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Mr. Rodney says mind you he is a handsome man as well and thinks he is much more handsome than either of the dogs.

LOL :)

Dinners, you are funny.

Anonymous said...
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