Monday, December 22, 2008

Spinning Me

We went back to our old gym again. It's larger, has more amenities, and it is cheaper. We still like to try to go in before work and grab a good cardio workout, so this morning I forget that Mondays are "Spin Class", and they group all of the little bikes used for "Spinning" over in the corner. I thought getting away from them would help, but the overzealous "Murial Hemmingway-esqe" teacher shouted, "Woo-Hoo'd" and chanted loud enough, still, to ruin my morning workout. Once I made it through that, and all the eye-rolling and under-breath cussing, I decided to hit up the "Hot Box", or Sauna for some heat and relaxation. It was not long before some incessant "Clanker" began clanking around the bathroom, slamming doors, and flushing toilets and having unnecessarily loud conversations around the shower area. I have to wonder... "Why Me?!?!" It's like I attract the clankers and the clackers and stompers and the "Yoo-Hoo'ers" of the world. And furthermore, why DO they get on my nerves so? Why can't I shut these people out?? Geez. Vicious cycle.

Is in Ur Gym Swetin To Tha Oldiez

More Animals

So I work out, and people watch as all of the "Flo-Jo's", and the aging soccer moms and the "Gym-Skank Barbie's" and other clowns join side-by-side like lab hamsters, all of us getting a quality workout. It is to laugh, and I know most of you or at least a few think that going to the gym is bullshit and that if you remain active and live the way you're supposed to then you shouldn't have to go exercise. Well, everyone's different, and what works for you might not work for me. I have to have some sort of gym-like environment to force me to go burn calories after working my 8-9 hours.

Football highlights... Hummm, let's see. I was excited for the Titans yesterday as they whooped the Steelers. Not because I don't like the Steelers. I actually loved the Steelers way before Tennessee had a team. So I had mixed feelings. Also, my "Z" was a Steelers fan, so I could not help but wonder if he was enjoying watching the game with his brothers... To him, I'm sorry, but I am proud for the Titans.

Also in watching the game highlights, I rather enjoyed The Patriots as they were getting frosted with snow. One player, Wes Welker, even dropped and made a snow angel and was penalized for it. Here's The Video Footage.

I sure wish we had some snow around here to brighten things up.

Now as for Daddy, he's doing about the same. He still has not regained the strength in his legs, and he is sitting up in the Den in front of his big T.V. in a hospital bed. They moved his recliner over to the other side of the room, and fixed his bed up there. He does not like it, but it is more comfortable than the chair itself (since he can't really get around unless someone lifts him and moves him). He's still on soft foods, until they say he can swallow well of course. He's not happy or comfortable, except for the fact that he is at home rather than the hospital. I don't know what the days to come will bring, but I'm hopeful that we'll have an "OK" Christmas dinner and everyone will at least be semi-happy. It has been a rough month though. I'm quite tired.

Speaking of Christmas stuff, we've tried to get a few last minute things done... what gifts we DID have to buy, and wrapping up the loose ends so we could muddle through. I am glad we get a holiday off from work, but aside from that, I kinda just want it all to be over with. :)

Today, I have been obsessing over the Craigslist Website. If you're not familiar with Craigslist, it is basically a "Classified Ad" type website, and available to many regions and all. Usually, I'd say that Classified Ad sites are mostly alike. There is just something kind of crazed and whacked out about Craigslist though. You will just have to click up on the link and go read for yourself. Check out some of the things under "Free", as well as the rants and raves, and personal ads. There are some big sickos out there, and you might be surprised or at least get a big kick out of the site. When you click on the link, you will be taken to a page to choose the Craigslist nearest your area. Then just be aware that you never know what you might find! Really.

Ok, well that's all for me today. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and give an update on everything going on in my little corner. I'm hoping to be able to do the WWC tomorrow, and will certainly try.

Until then... XOXO from AJ


Jay said...

I have the same problems with gyms. I think I just need my own personal gym where nobody else is there to bother me.

At least your dad is going to be home for Christmas!

Craigslist can be a really, really scary place. Lots o' freaks. But, entertaining too. ;-)

Furtheron said...

Yesh rught Jackie - soryy typing is crup as I'm stuffing a bacon roll in my mouth - jist live lfe weel and no need for jym.... :-)

Re the annoying buggers. Zone out - it's a technique I've been developing for a while now. My Mrs gets very irritated with loud people at restaurants, talking at gigs etc. I've found this way of focusing on what I want to not them and whilst there in the hubub behind my head they don't worry me so much.

Happy Christmas to you and all yours - esp your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Screaming brats{and those that turn around from their booth and stare at you the whole time...and/or the ones that kick the booth...yeah, that really pisses me off} while I am trying to eat a relaxing pleasant meal out really gets on my last nerve.I wanna go over and yell at their parents to shut them the fuck up! Jackie and I have actually asked for a place to sit away from children...hee hee

Merry Christmas!


g-man said...

Glad that you are going to the gym, but sorry that you apparently attract nuts.

I do hope that your Christmas with your dad will be enjoyable.

Snow angels, too funny!

Never been to Craig's list.